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    3 in Raleigh

    JC could not coach himself out of a toilet.
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    Rangers set the precedent...

    One can dream.....
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    3 in Raleigh

    Not sure it will be that different.
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    Detroit for 2

    The Hawks have to win all 3 to make it.
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    Trade Deadline/Future Line discussion

    Maybe Rakell from the ducks would have been a good one. Not sure if he was ever in play though.
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    Columbus for 2

    Hawks win both. Go Hawks. :)
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    Trade With Florida

    Dont know much about them , but finally players above smurf size.
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    Important games coming up

    Great post LordKOTL. Cant argue with any of it.
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    Important games coming up

    Good question. Travelwise it makes little sense.
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    Important games coming up

    Yep. Most likely the games vs Nashville will be the deciding factor.
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    Important games coming up

    Very true. They better get maximum points before that to have a chance.
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    Important games coming up

    I think the coming 4 games will make or break the playoff hopes. If they can get 3 wins out of those 4 games vs the Stars and The Blue Jackets the hope is alive.
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    Trashville comes in for the weekend.

    Important game for sure.
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    19 Year Old Dies After Being Struck In The Head With A Puck During Game.

    Look at football. ( soccer ) lots of heart related deaths with young players.