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  • Lol bro add about 60 points to your iq before discussing anything with me. You are one of the dumbest human beings in human existsence.
    Says the man on a message board.

    Says the man with double the amount of posts as me in half the time.

    Says the man whos been kicked off 5 message boards this year.

    Says the man who's trolling post history goes back more than 10 years.

    Says the man who has been on message boards more time this year than I have my entire life.

    And thank you for acknowledging that I was right about you.

    Exposed!!! :smug2:
    I definitely don't understand the brain of a homeless crack head, who spends his life on a message board. You are right.
    Yes, you care about it so little you replied twice and keep coming back.:cmonman::obama:

    I like your logic. Man, I hate the Bulls and don't care what they do this year so i'm going buy season tickets and to go to every game. /s


    See how I put an "s" there to indicate sarcasm? I just wasn't sure if your brain would understand if I didn't. Come to think of it, I still don't think you'll comprehend.
    Lmfao yeah. I care about a site in which a homeless loser floods it with 76 screen names. Is your brain really that fried? Wooooooow. Sad.
    Ofcourse you don't care. You just keep coming back begging for forgiveness because of um...erm................a.....i don't know. But im sure you'll come up with a good excuse for your obsession.

    And then you'll typed "exposed" securing the victory in the fantasy game known as your life.
    Lol I exposed a homeless loser years ago. They all know you have multiple names, they just don't care. EXPOSED. Now get back to that corner and beg, you pathetic addict. LMFAO
    The best insult you can think of is "stupid" and you're questioning my IQ? Hmm... looks like you need some reflection time.
    FAGGET!!!! LOL

    That's a real cool picture of BMR31 in the flesh....LMAO, Creepy looking guy ain't he???
    Who's been exposed for real chump? Now the world knows the fag behind those gay posts.

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