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  1. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    You find joy in some random internet person possibly having family issues? I think we can all see who is dealing with the more serious issues here.
  2. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    It's a fine band aid addition, because we need to put together a competent line for Fields. We still need a LT though.
  3. OT: World Cup Venues Chosen

    Attendance won't be an issue, but it's going to be mostly people that already live in the United States. Fans from the Middle East and Africa will likely be left out, unless they are already residents of the country.
  4. OT: World Cup Venues Chosen

    I'm aware of the fan base in Atlanta. However, part of the charm of the World Cup is having people traveling from all countries gathering together and just having one giant party. I don't see the USA freely allowing visas to anyone that snags a ticket, thus many countries supporters being left out.
  5. OT: World Cup Venues Chosen

    Unfortunately that atmosphere of hosting will be completely artificial in the United States. I will try to plan out a week long trip to Mexico to catch some games there.
  6. OT: World Cup Venues Chosen

    They'll have to install grass for the 2026 World Cup. Turf is a huge issue for players.
  7. Soccer on Soldier Field 14 hours before Bears’ home opener

    There are rules in the lease the Fire signed that will force them to reschedule or relocate their game as it is too close to the Bears game. Also it's 22 lightweight guys running around the field, not a handful of 300 pound men battling it out in the same condensed area repeatedly. Any "damage"...
  8. Kardaius Toney - Buzz

    I basically never watch the Giants, but they had a game against the Cowboys this season and Toney was absolutely killing it, even with Mike Glennon coming in for a half or whatever it was.
  9. Favorite Obscure Bears Player?

    Devin Aromashodu
  10. ***OFFICAIL*** Khalil Mack Traded To Chargers For 2023 2nd & 6th Round Pick

    I get why we made this trade, but it still sucks seeing an elite talent like Mack leave.
  11. Devin Hester & the Hall of Fame

    This isn't his only chance at getting into the HOF though. I understand your arguments against it happening, but I think they will make the exception here for Hester, because of how we never saw a kick returner like him before. Now if Hester gets in and we see another returner produce similarly...
  12. OT: Brady vs Mahomes

    Mahomes is absolutely fantastic, but I think he made his road to being named the GOAT infinitely harder by losing that Superbowl to Brady last year, even though Mahomes had no chance with that protection. But now he needs to win 7 more to surpass Brady? That's just too much.
  13. Getsy hired

    We have no clue how he will do as a play caller, but apparently he's suppose to have been highly rated in Green Bay. Rapaport speaks on him at 40:50 "They will probably promote from within and make Luke Getsy the offensive coordinator. He is apparently very very good. He's been sought after...
  14. Does hiring of Eberflus mean a return to 4-3 defense?

    Question for smarter football minds than me, which doesn't require much. How do the pieces we already have fit in a 4-3?