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  • I added a team sign-up to your first post in the MLB re-draft, as teams sign up you can then share what teams are taken
    One point of information on reputation systems. They provide a method to flood the database. Adding an anti-flood mechanism is even more annoying. I didn't want to post this in the thread to give someone ideas(not that it would work, thanks to the limit).
    Oh, I'm sure. It's beckett afterall. I just don't trust any cataloger without an export option. Thanks though. You should really check out that comic link too, you'll see why I'm being so picky. It's not a modern designed site, but the information and the functions are incredible. You feel spoiled after using it.
    Thanks anyways. :shrug: I tried beckett a few years ago. It's okay, but lacks some great features that make it worthwhile to spend the hours upon hours indexing a catalog.
    I already have one for comics(hence the link). :)

    Maybe that was a confusing question, then my bad. I was trying to find out if you had a recommendation for a good cataloger/inventory site using sports cards.
    Thanks, and...

    Right right, but do you know any good sites for collection inventorying/cataloging?
    Just wondering if you have any opinions on card collection cataloging sites? Someone got me into cataloging my comics a few weeks ago, and I simply love this site now. Crystallas's Public Comic Book Stash | StashMyComics.com

    You're my goto guy on the scene, so I hope you don't mind the bother. :)
    That's a pretty big deal yet :lol: I accepted. You got pitching help, and I got some SS help.

    Good luck the rest of the way.
    Hey Brett, does your sports memorabilia business deal in garbage pail kids cards? I saw this The 10 priciest collectible cards | Unplugged - Yahoo! Games on yahoo, and I have a few hundred many series 1 cards/stickers, including 4 complete sets and I know for sure that includes 6 of these Nasty Nicks.

    I'm just asking, because I don't want to sell anything yet, but when I go on ebay, the demand for Garbage Pail Kids cards is crap. Like the people who care to own any of them, already have them. Any input, experience?
    I heard about this before, but I never took it seriously. I guess Senomyx has done something, or is still doing something pretty bad that they are trying to cover up. These claims are nuts, true or not.
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