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    This is a trash HC hire

    If he’s genuinely Poles’ guy then so be it and best of luck to him. Doing a quick read through Colts forum though and they don’t seem particularly bothered about him moving on. Also a fair amount of talk about how often their defense was getting roasted in the 4th quarter… so should fit in...
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    At What Point Are You Done With The Bears?

    If you’re a true fan you don’t become “done” with a team. You follow them through thick and thin regardless of how successful they’re presently doing, and then when they succeed it feels that much more special. You take it how it comes because even though the lows feel extremely low the highs...
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    So guys, how do you rate Field's game tonight?

    I thought he had a solid game for the most part. No deep passes to scream about but showed some good moments. The pass for Byrd, though a simple route was timed to perfection in a tight window and was able to be taken in stride. He also showed good mobility to escape continuous pressure from a...
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    208 Mil Salary Cap Next Year

    Realistically, without Daniels re-signing we’re looking at 2 o-line spots being covered. Borom will be a starter next season regardless whether he shows he’s up to it because there’s plenty to do on that o-line without replacing him anyways. Whitehair will likely be the 2nd due to his...
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    208 Mil Salary Cap Next Year

    Honestly looking at who’s staying (assuming we don’t trade or release any of those on the spreadsheet), I don’t believe it’s a total bust. Mack (injury permitted) and Quinn are definitely serviceable for another season as edge rushers. Defensive linemen isn’t a high priority IMO (Goldman when...
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    Dalton outplays Murray

    Na not really. First season watching and was concerned I didn’t know enough about the sport but I’ve come to realize that 90% of the posts on this forum are from those who studied at the Nagy School of Footballing Genius
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    Dalton outplays Murray

    Whoosh to all the idiots above that don’t recognize sarcasm.
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    Dalton is having a bad game thus far.

    “Andy Dalton had a bad game, but at least he isn’t Justin Fields”… FIFY
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    Andy Dalton made a STATEMENT today

    Statement being that’s he’s absolute shit and shouldn’t be a starting quarterback 🤔
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Cardinals (Crosstown Classic Circa 1951 Edition)

    We all dream of a team of David Montys 😉
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Cardinals (Crosstown Classic Circa 1951 Edition)

    I didn’t know Dalton’s dad was on the forum 😂