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  1. Braxton Jones in line to be the starter at LT

    I agree, but if Poles found the Bears' next LT for the next decade in the 5th round in his first draft, that's damn impressive.
  2. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    Probably Fields. When picking Pro-Bowl talent, the last people think to look is the Lions.
  3. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    Looks like Monday is the day off.
  4. Bears dealing with multiple new injuries

    I mean, Bears fans went thru a few seasons where Hester was sold as the #1 WR. Not like us fans haven't seen this before.
  5. Bears dealing with multiple new injuries

    Hey, your QB is still a douche.
  6. Our third biggest cap hit this year….

    And people here still wonder why Poles didn't load up on big name has beens in free agency.
  7. The Bears are tanking and rebuilding.

    Blah blah blah, more of this bullshit. HE SHOULD'VE SIGNED MORE BIG NAMES. How many of you are gonna post the same dumb shit every day?
  8. Justin Fields Vs. Trey Lance

    Fields looked pretty good vs the Niners last year, no? With a shitty line and no great WR weapons minus Mooney either. It was the D that couldn't get a damn stop is why they lost that game. Also, the line is ranked low by all those people without having seen a single snap. Once again, just...
  9. Bears OL Ranked #11

    Would be funny if after months and months of so many of you guys crying about how Poles didn't do ANYTHING to fix the line, they were middle of the pack this year. Like I've said all along, maybe we should wait until they start playing some games before we panic??
  10. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    Dude in your avatar said he wanted to fuck his own kid. Maybe your apple doesn't fall far from that tree?
  11. Watch: Bears O looks lame vs scouts and backups

    The OP has started a BEARS SUCK thread every single day, do people actually take him seriously?
  12. **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    Looks at these forums. It's cause they lost the 'big names,' and didn't sign any 'big names.' Cause whenever you ask the 'experts,' they feel losing Hicks, Mack and Robinson were HUGE loses, cause they are the more well known Bears...but anyone that watched last year knew Hicks and Mack were...
  13. 10 reasons why 6-8 wins is the FLOOR.

    I think the Nagy factor will be rule this season. He was just such a bad coach.
  14. Offense Struggles again on Tuesday

    Did Fields have a clean pocket or was he trying to get it over the defenders' arms? I'd like to see that part of the video.
  15. Steelers fans already want Trubisky’s head

    Sounds like Steelers fans better prepare for a bad year.