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    Frasier for HC

    I'm for Frazier. He is terrific, proven DC, and deserve second chance to be HC. Many successful HC failed in their first gig. He need to find smart OC, and the future will be promising!
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    Seattle wants Sean Desai

    "I’d love Fangio back….reconnect with Harbaugh and get things rolling." Why would Fangio want to comeback to Chicago for? He will take a year off and have a ton of offers the next season.
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    ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread

    OK. Kids I thought this was ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread Can't you keep garbage out of here? Please!
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    Playoffs thus far are the perfect example of how the NFL is a QB-driven league.

    While I do agree about the QB play, I think the defenses are determining who os going forward. IMHO.
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    Brian Flores

    Ted isn't the GM. I know, that's what makes so funny. Flores would go after his job to.;) ;)
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    Brian Flores

    "Brian Flores Wanted Authority over GM Chris Grier Before Firing" He won't be hired. Teddy won't give up his position. ;)
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    Thoughts for Bears ownership

    For this team to become relevant again in the near future the 'troika' (Phillips, McCaskey an Polian)must get lucky and stumble on GM and HC. There nothing is changing for the better, the GM reporting directly to George instead of Ted is a joke. Neither, except for Polian is a talent evaluator...
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    Ernie Accorsi vs Bill Polian

    To all the naysayers about Polian. Would you fell better if George and Ted collaborated alone, again and brought back Emory Trestman type people back. I'm for one glad George seek advice from somebody.. Sure as hell he wont be asking Green Bay GM for an advice.
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    I always thought that Matthew Stafford for Jared Goff was bad trade by the Rams. They not going anywhere with Stafford..
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    Jerry Angelo next head coach may Surprise

    "Don’t bother guessing the right coach based on their qualifications. That ultimately won’t be what lands the job in Chicago. It will be who delivers the best interview." No wonder, Nagy is a master at story telling, Pace, Georgie and Ted fell in love.. It does not take much to impress those..
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    My thoughts on Harbaugh

    One thing is for sure, with Harbaugh you getting proven HC even with his faults its a known entity. Bring others, can you honestly tell what you are getting? To be an realist, at this point for me is Harbaugh..
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    Harbaugh leaving Michigan rumors heating up

    Do believe everything you read? Most don't..
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    Harbaugh leaving Michigan rumors heating up

    Yep, its true.