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    Vegetable gardening

    Fuck yo baby drought.
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    Anyone into drones?

    Pretty sure that you own the airspace above your property to something like 500 feet.
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    Anyone into drones?

    Are they getting any quieter? I think they are neat, but a few years ago I was at a memorial day ceremony near the air force base, and I swear to god it was like trying to listen to the service, and the singers etc with a giant super loud fucking mosquito floating around everywhere. Maybe my...
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    Bird thread

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    Vegetable gardening

    I'm giving you shit. I drag a hose around daily to keep my plants alive... It's going to be high nineties this weekend...
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    Vegetable gardening

    Ahhhh.... Gotta love it when people from places where it rains all the time complain about having to water.
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    What are you reading?

    I was super excited for choke the movie, but was disappointed when it came out. I've watched it again since a couple of times (it was on a cycle of television for a month or so) and it wasn't as bad the second time around, still did not live up to the book at all.
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    What are you reading?

    I think that Choke was my favorite as well, followed by invisible monsters. Fight club was great but I read it after seeing the movie and it was basically just the movie with a few additional scenes.
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    What are you reading?

    I have enjoyed a few books about the code talkers and the south pacific. Mainly just stuff people pointed me towards, I like the way voices of the pacific read simply because it was a lot of memories from the guys actually there lined up into a cohesive story.
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    What are you reading?

    I do not think I have read a bad book by Palahniuk.
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    Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

    After the Mayweather bullshit, anyone that watches or gives this person any attention is really just kinda dumb.
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    Who's the best Rock Band of all time and why is it Led Zeppelin?

    When you get to Rifle, if Boebert is there, can you talk some sense into her please......
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    Big Day Tomorrow

    Probably more of a home depot type of couple....
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    Slap Fighting Thread

    I think you'd change your mind if you watched a few of the videos... They'd basically knock out 99 percent of the planet with an open palm slap...
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    What is the reason for literally only one starter from the defense being at the OATs?

    Don't be mean to victor. That's just not cool bro.