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  1. **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    Get the Best 5 OL out there now. Patrick at C let's Jenkins not leave the field in rotation anymore.
  2. Braxton Jones vs Nick Bosa

    Braxton Jones don't care, he's gonna eat Bosa, Chipotle, and any other bitches that line up against him
  3. Bears hosted former Packers QB Kurt Benkert for a workout

    My guess would be to put him on the radar as he would know the system, but mostly to have someone throwing the ball to the 5 or so WR they had in for the tryout
  4. Bears Would have been Better served with Kentucky Fescue blend

    Tahoma 31 is actually a pretty good grass to use at Soldier Field. Now of course can the park district get it right and order the correct bermudagrass hybrid Tahoma 31, or will they get the regular and have to re-sod in a week
  5. With Teven Jenkins not likely to start with Patrick's return Bears should trade him

    Continuity is the most important thing at this point. If Patrick is not ready to go at C, he just simply should not play. He can be a backup until healthy. I cannot imagine that the coaches are seriously considering disrupting the line at more than one position simply to put Patrick on the field.
  6. Tev wants to stay in Chicago because of the things to do

    This is one of the most impressive and informative thread hijacks ever
  7. Who Do You Think Is the Friendliest Bear?

    I am gonna say the bear that hung out with Grizzly Adam'
  8. Sun-Times: Bears' plan is Borom at LT, Jenkins at RT. Hopefully one of them sticks for 2023.

    Came for the discussion on hopefully young book ends for the Bears line, left with a geographical and political education on the global status of Hong Kong. That is an impressive thread derailment
  9. Ghosts of CCS/CBMB past

    RDGBear BrownBear
  10. Let's compare apples to oranges....

    You say Rutaceae I say Rosaceae
  11. Todd McShay hails Velus

    Willie Gault was and is a world class sprinter. Velus is actually more of a football player than Gault.
  12. *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    exactly, I would like to go to the Bears as backup QB as well, if all goes to plan, never have to play a down and get paid.
  13. Poles corners the white WR UDFA market.

    Wow, talk about a typo, does not dies
  14. Mel Kiper’s NFL draft grades Anyone?

    I hadn't had breakfast yet
  15. Mel Kiper’s NFL draft grades Anyone?

    Kiper is an assclown. Any one of the picks someone could say should got Fields help here, no kidding. Ok draft guru, if not Brisker who is probably a 5 year plus stater for the Bears, then exactly who should they have drafted at WR for better value, put options, not just the easy should got...