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  • If you want to know where I live, just ask, dont be shy. Lake Zurich/north barrington in wyndstone. If you want to know what businesses I run. I trade by day, have 5 semi drivers, and buy and sell cars at the auction. Now was that easier than doing queries?
    Good shit man, him and Doogolas joined up today. Would love if they stuck around.
    Yeah the 1.15 is a constant, and the 700 came from just me throwing out a PA number. The formula is basically (wOBA (1) - wOBA (2))/1.15 and then multiply that times number of PA you want to use.

    The Joy of wOBA | FanGraphs Baseball

    That's a good article on it.
    lmao - what's your team name? I need OF power and RP...throw me an offer.
    He calls himself a post whore, lol. Gator wants to be a post whore like us too, lol. And I do post quality for the most part, but I do admit that not all of my posts are.

    Just be glad Gator isn't the post whore he wants to be and stfu.
    i saw, my bad. either way both of you have to ignore each other. and if he starts with you in there, send me the time stamp. and your visitor message to me is a bit crude, you know better, you are a smart kid....i dont know why you have to be like that.
    sure online apps are the way of the future, but employers are well aware that people are sitting at home spamming different places. if you filled out alot already, look at the ones you really think you would match up with and enjoy and give them a call. ask for the manager, let them know you filled out an app, they will rebuttle with something, and go from there.
    apps online can get lost in the cyber world. people spam out apps online, if it is a retail enviorment like what you are doing, i would go to the place, ask for an app, fill it out and let them know you can start right away.
    48 hours, if you hear nothing. you call them. the rule applies to when you drop off application, and after an interview
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