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    Something to Possibly Satiate Your Appetite for Bears Games

    That's cool. I didn't know they had a league. Thank you for sharing that with us. Who knows? if it takes off and more athletes start to participate, it could lead to us seeing more European athletes in the NFL some day.
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    Rank the Top 5 Bears Blunders since 2000

    Yes. Trestman was a reaction to feeling lovie was too old school and conservative. John Fox was a reaction to Trestman's failures as an "innovator". A return to conservative and experience. Matt Nagy was a reaction to how that failed and trying to take a swing offensively again.
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    Rank the Top 5 Bears Blunders since 2000

    I'll take it further back. top 5 blunders in my life as a Bears fan. 1. the Fishbowl 2. Not letting Walter Payton run it in for the TD in the super bowl. 3. Kevin White/Cedric Benson/Shae McClellon (it's a tie here of 3 players drafted high who contributed jack.) 4. Rick Mirer 5. Trestman
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    Aaron Rodgers Is 'Selfish,' Disliked by Teammates, Coaches, Ex-NFL GM Says

    That's how it was in reverse pre-Farve. There wasn't really a rivalry. The Packers were our whipping boys. Gloating then just felt like beating up babies or something. No satisfaction in it. The Packers were just SAD. a complete joke. The Bears were a "real" team. Basically what I'm saying is...
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    Best name for the new stadium

    Realistically, the highest bidder gets the naming rights, but they could also keep spirit and tradition alive by adding on to it, for example "Capital One, Soldier's Memorial Stadium"
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    Best name for the new stadium

    Black Divers Adopted Their Country now Before Gave Their Individual Chair
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    Nagy definitively says Fields can’t win the starting job for Week 1

    No if Dalton gets injured then the #2 QB goes in which is Fields. That is not "winning the #1 job" in and of itself.
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    Bears OTA's

    well, that's a lot more thought out than what I was going to reply which was that NFL career years are like dog years, so that 4 years is like 28 years.
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    packers president says aaron rodgers situation divided fan base

    I remember saying something almost identical when Bret Farve left. On the one hand, before Farve, they had some serious suckage for a very long time. when we had the '85 Bears, it really wasn't a "rivalry". They were our bitches. for the last long while it had been reversed and there are people...
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    2021 Showcase: Nagy's well-oiled machine.

    exactly. And I'd rather have someone who can identify their mistakes and take whatever steps are within their power to correct those mistakes than someone who stubbornly sticks with a mistake.
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    2021 Showcase: Nagy's well-oiled machine.

    Last year we came in with continuity at QB and O-line. Things happened during the season to disrupt that. The main one being they weren't very good. This year there are changes across the board. Will they be better? Well, I expect they will be, but not at first. It historically takes a certain...
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    2021 Showcase: Nagy's well-oiled machine.

    you see, right there you biased and slanted the entire phrasing of the question. you start by stating that reasonable thought out answers are not allowed, and then proceed to say we have to take that he is an "offensive genius" as fact where it is not fact. Frankly, the whole question is bullshit.
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    Bears OTA's

    It is in such troubling times as these that one can at least take comfort when they look at their plate and think "Well... at least I still have my sausage!"
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    Bears Cap space updated

    yeah really! and hey, on an off topic, what's with everyone outside wearing masks? something happen?
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    Chicago Bears on Hard Knocks???

    McCaskey hates the idea of the Bears on Hard Knocks. Hard Knocks is the reason that if the Bears hadn't made the playoffs, they'd have gotten a new head coach (Teams that make the playoffs and teams with new head coaches are exempt)