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  1. Fire Getsy

    Ugghhh. Yes! another D coach who loves to play field possession game for 60 min, with no regard for points on the board. Maybe if HITS actually scored some points…is this what I’m supposed to say? Or I’m supposed to defend the coaches, by blaming Poles, defend the players by blaming the...
  2. Do you think Robert Quinn is secretly in Ketosis?( Butter in your coffee talk only)

    Pretty sure he has halitosis of the vagina. He’s in hiding
  3. Quinn is sick. Bears kicker out for personal reasons

    Pretty sure it’s a bruised labia since that puss hasn’t been seen all season.
  4. Bears fans want Trevor!

    Won’t click on your poorly conceived and poorly written crap. Hope none of you others do either.
  5. The True Reason Why We Beat the 49ers

    Damn, wish I would have read this prior to going to dispensary today. Got me a Rosin Bling Bling cartridge which is about 70%. I guess if they aren't winning this shit'll put me to sleep quick.
  6. ***Week 1 JERSEY GIVEAWAY***

    424 yards 38 tp
  7. Expectations for the Season

    I’m a realist, will give the Packers a tie when we play them at Lamblow 16-0-1
  8. The Green Bay Packers Future Is Screwed?

    It’s not about the Pack. It never has been. When Bears are good they crush them…. So that is it. Coach Flus needs to do what the past few coaches haven’t….make Bears relevant again. Tough road, need more data…but so far so good.
  9. Rookie Kenny Pickett may start week one over Trubisky

    Cmon let’s be realistic. Regardless of how inept Nagy was…trubisky is just not that good. Backup good, yes. He will likely get a nice paycheck for the foreseeable future, but I’m not even sure that he will have a “Fitzpatrick” caliber success. Just my opinion.
  10. The they’re walking it back thread

    Only if someone is eating their laptop
  11. What's the Getsy with all these Getsy threads?

    At first zoo thought this had something to do with “poopy beaches” Sewage-covered beaches risk turning England into the 'dirty man of Europe' But then through the magic of google discovered… Taking the piss is a Commonwealth colloquial term meaning to mock at the expense of others, or to be...
  12. Roquan was sought after by some of the best agents and he turned them all down

    That agent money is A LOT of blow and hookers….jus saying

    Aw. Hell. I wanted watson, but wanted the biscuit to succeed. I get no satisfaction thinking it may have been the coach as both were a part of the organization. Honestly, I think he was over drafted and that he will be benched by week 8. Still wish him the best. HBD
  14. What a difference good coaching make..

    Lack of visor gets coach flus an extra year or two. I will agree that he appears generic, but looks can be deceiving. One look at flus doesn’t tell the whole story about his defenses. Any coach that can make a D collapse on the ball, cause turnovers, and possibly score some points will help...