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    2012 Olympic Basketball Team

    Roster Announced Carmelo Anthony F 6-8 230 5/29/84 New York Knicks / Syracuse University Kobe Bryant G 6-6 205 8/23/78 Los Angeles Lakers / Lower Merion H.S. (PA) Tyson Chandler...
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    Hey everyone

    nice to be back.
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    Worst possible "date" ever...I don't even... FML (serios) - Forums
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    Attn: Mods

    Dero's name should be changed to GO PACK GO
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    I had a dream last night

    and i was watching Sports Center and on the ticker on the bottom it showed: The Lead: Bears beat rival Packers in overtime to punch their ticket to the Superbowl :smh:
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    Duke vs Illinois

    Duke: 4 National Championships 15 Final Fours 18 ACC Conference Tournament Championships 18 ACC Regular Season Championships 11 National Players of the Year 11 ACC Players of the Year 6 National Defensive Players of the Year 2 ACC Defensive Players of the Year 17 Players currently in the NBA 73...
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    What name is cooler

    chs234 of joeyaltidore<3
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    New York Knicks

    are 2-0 against the Bulls this season. so, someone please explain to me, how the Bulls are better then the Knicks? and I don't want to hear about this crap about what is "apparently" going to happen in the future with the Bulls advancing in the playoffs while the Knicks lose in the first round...
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    Knicks are lame.

    2-0 against the Bulls this season, mother lovers. *waits for excuses of how the Knicks shot the ball well*
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    Chest hair?

    how many of u guys have chest hair? anyone got hair on their man boobies? if u do post pics. ;) also, if any of you have hair in your asshole you are nasty. some people tell me they do, which is sicko
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    Remember When...

    Remember when me and dero were mods for the night? Remember when we used to have the latenight crew? Remember when dicks and bowls was "in"?
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    This or That

    White Sox or Cubs eta: thread #1000
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    I love Chicago City

    I would suck some homeless dude's STD, purple looking, scabbed up pecker if it meant raising money and helping this site out. I <3 CCS and everyone here.
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    Joehawks and USC's family

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    Groan button

    can we add one? It is really necessary, and might get some people to shut the fuck up with their garbage because they will get their e-panties in a wad about people not approving of their posts. I fully endorse groaning, and love being groaned and moaned. That is all. :) ETA: I know this...