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    Would you ever not be a Bears fan ?

    And what’s wrong with that ? I’m a 60 something with a collection of Bears’ jerseys one of which I wear while yelling at the Bears on tv. If there were no Bears, there’s always college football -Go Irish! -and Nascar. I do wish pro sports would stay out of politics. We get bombarded with that...
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    Bears voted against the 17 game season.

    Here comes a substantial price hike on NFL Sunday Ticket, to see Bears get their ass handed to them by the Raiders
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    Shane Buechele QB SMU

    I’d rather draft Ian Book—winningestQB in Notre Dame history. Accurate, athletic, & able to run the ball when needed.
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    Bears better or worse than last year ?

    Defense getting old, Fuller gone. On offense, QB is a push at best, maybe a downgrade. OL somewhat better, but still sub par. Coaching & GM not up to the task.
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    Bears better or worse than last year ?

    Worse—‘nuff said...
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    How far has Pace set this franchise back?

    Back to the Sid Luckman era...
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    What is with the Bears fans that moved to Florida?

    Die hard Bears fan in west TN. Will never switch teams, but I sure wish Bears would put some winning teams on the field. Sunday ticket is expensive to keep watching loss after loss.
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    We need 6 more Wilson threads

    Bears’ version of herd immunity
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    Moving back to 4-3 defense

    letting Floyd go was another dumb move
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    Trask in the 2nd..

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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (Win 2 Get IN Edition)

    Bears have become Green Bay’s bitch over last 3 decades. As long as Rodgers is there, it will continue.
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    I Don't Care About This Team

    It’s still just a game—I couldn’t agree more. Been a Bears fan since mid 1960’s. Used to take losses to heart. Thru the years I’ve come to view it as what it is-entertainment. My day’s a little brighter when Bears win, but not devastated when they lose. I’ll continue to be a Bears fan, win or lose.