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  • Failed, now concentrating entirely on CCS. Homepage is now legitimately rolling.
    Welp after visiting a bunch of schools over the past week, hearing many presentations, having one on one meetings, and doing my own research it's safe to say I've come to 3 conclusions:
    1. There's not nearly as much money in communications as there is in business, so I'm no longer exploring the option of majoring in something in communications, partly because of what I learned and partly because my parents think its a bad idea now and I got the talk about the real world and how I need a real major to make money so it looks like ill be going into business administration, or maybe marketing and management
    2. Ill apply to 4 or 5 schools but if I'm being honest and realistic with myself there's only two options: U of I Champaign-Urbana or DePaul
    3. I'm completely overwhelmed

    EDIT- I'm starting a college thread in the bar for this so that others (pretty much clone) can be in the discussion so I learn more
    That's a pretty smart plan, you should have plenty of time to get involved with other stuff as well. ALOT of my cousins did band at Ohio State, but they're pretty intense about band up there so it's probably less chill than Any other band out there haha.
    That's pretty cool man, if I had musical talent THATS definitely something I'd do, sadly I'm not musically talented though :lol: what instrument so you play?
    Oh Yeah I think he has, he seems to be a good coach. Will you be buying season tickets? And what do you want to do with your degree?
    That's a good plan, with 17 hours your basically entering as a second semester freshman, that's a while semesters worth if hours man good work. I know they've had Success in the past with those guys, I was not aware if bosh going there though thats something I was surprised by. I think that's correct spelling, he is a good coach, I think Golden is a solid addition, might need to keep his ego in check though. They definitely should be improved from last year
    :clap: congrats man hopefully the hoops team improves so you can see good games lol. Sounds like you made a good choice though. Hope you still have time to post :pray:. Good luck with that man haha
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