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  • It's not a merge. Team forums are still separate. General MLB topics are now in their own main forum instead of split into multiple threads.between two forums.
    Maybe a couple of weeks of actual use. I've talked to you a few times on twitter and followed you a while.
    Yeah I just checked the site and saw that I missed the playoffs. Could have sworn they were today. Oh well, I am going to resign since I haven't been giving it the attention I should be. Like you life has been crazy, and the free time I have I would rather watch this team for some reason.
    With Rice out and the Cubs down 5 it isn't suprising we are the only ones chatting.
    Honestly dude, stop using insults and calling people tools all the time. It makes your arguments even worse cuz your resorting to insults. If you're gonna make an argument give real facts, numbers (real numbers, not crap from some article you found somewhere), find articles to back you up (legitimate articles). And stop trying to scream at everybody. If you would relax and have a simple conversation with everyone instead of GOING LIKE THIS!!!!!!! People would actually read your whole post instead of reading half of it and just ignoring it.
    Don't sit there bringing up your kids, or your personal life or how much baseball you watch. It has nothing to do with it. And don't sit there calling me a tool when I'm trying to PREVENT another thread like the lastone instead of 35 pages of complete garbage.
    Don't listen to those assholes. Most of the people here are just rude for the hell of it, don't let it get to ya :beer:
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