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  • Thanks, man. I try to back up everything that I post. I'm not a sabermetrics stathead... but I can see their usefulness... if they are real. And I pay a lot of attention. I watch and listen to way too much baseball... lol... and I read too much on a lot of things.
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    I'm not so also depends on what moves the team does to maybe attract the player. I think there's a good chance it could but we'll see.
    I know the list, and that was part of my plan to be honest. Get Wilson this year and then next year get another stud to build a true playoff rotation with Wilson, Cain (my first choice), and Garza. 1B is the easiest position to fill defensively, and we actually may have a few prospects there in the near future. I think Vitters ends up there long term, and while not a great option I think we've seen this year that bad pitching destroys your chances while good pitching can keep you in races even with a bad offense.
    Yeah I saw but I have Wilson getting 4 years/44M. Will only be 35 and that's not too bad at all. Unlike an 8 year contract when the player was 30..cought Fonzie cough.
    I would be worried about Edwin Jackson. There is a reason he has been bounced between so many clubs up to this point, and he has put up more seasons with a 4 ERA than a 3. Also Wilson is 31 right now, but he has thrown over 350 less innings in his career then Jackson has already. The mileage on Wilson's arm is a lot lower than most starters his age because he was a reliever for so many years prior.
    Thanks. Don't understand why I've won either to be honest, but it is always nice to be appreciated.
    Yes it's 143 with like 4M in that to rookie contract on which I wouldn't know and arb raises too of which it could be. However, the arb raises could be smaller too. I''m gona right it up later, it has 5 FA signings, 2 traded (Marmol in it for a rounger closer) and a RF.
    I di a lil fun offseason idea and what i would do, I hat the budget aroun do you think that is?
    No, if anyone compiles it I'll pounce on it though. I'm not the mastermind behind it unfortunately.
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