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    CFL star Tre Robinson cut

    Looks like he broke his foot per Erik Lambert
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    CCS favorite Jason La Canfora says Bears are one of the 5 worst teams in nfl

    I've always learned anything that comes out of his mouth , the opposite happens.
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    What if...

    What aunt had balls she would be my uncle
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    Is Deshaun Watson a liar????

    How do you know what is his context was lol... Are you his A&E Biographer
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    Is Deshaun Watson a liar????

    Looks like he says Bears here
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    Last Second Veteran FA/Trade Stocking Stuffers via WCG...

    I would like to have a vet backup RB , if Montgomery goes down and all we have is Cohen and a UDFA that is dangerous. I know the 2 best names are Freeman and Hyde but if you had to go the real cheap option - Jonathan Williams is name I would take a spin on.
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    Free agent RBs?

    for a cheap option - jonathan williams - did well with the Colts last year.
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    UDFA Thread

    I want David Woodward - Utah State
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    Best Available On Day 3

    Wrs - Tyler Johnson , Quez Watkins, James Proche Edge - Chuck Weaver LB - David Woodward
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    Burton: Misdiagnosed Injury

    He misdiagnosed his groin injury b4 playoff game....He had vaginitis!
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    Who do you NOT want that is available?

    a QB a TE a RB
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    Day 0 Mock Draft

    I like Proche...he was a guy I hope they could get in 5th or 6th if they dont take a WR before that.
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    Final Mock Draft

    I really like this draft. It hits points of what we need in very reachable areas of the draft. my fav part is that unlike every other mock draft, you didn't force a qb in last roun just to take one.
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    Bears are signing OT Jason Spriggs

    I was part of that Boner Brigade lol