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  • I couldn't disagree with what you write.The only reason I’m exaggerating a bit is because I see many posters having the bulls as a crap team and pretty much everybody else a hell of a team.
    Lol why would I care? If I cared about message board bans, I wouldn't continue exposing you. Common sense?
    The original server CCS was on gave me insane bitch fits lol. Many times I held high scores only to submit and get the message I was logged off. When Doogolas was brought in by Poodski to take me down, it became frustrating because of it. And more often than not, had to slowly progress my score to reclaim 1st. Roflattack game for example, I had to go by 50k progressions. I had 23ish high scores at the time. Upon the new server and no more problems, now Im at 37 official, 38 in actuality.
    Next time you feel like responding to this BMR guy, please write on his wall as I am doing now. I am doing the same. And I know you aren't SP94
    :smh: Congrats... But if you think you'll keep the score, then you may want to save those tears for when I return to a pc :)
    Ah.. but you did have 1 day to celebrate. Though that time span is thanks to me not having a pc, but regardless, you should be happy. :)
    About damn time someone beat Evski or however its spelled lol. Been wanting to play that for quite sometime now.
    Welcome to the site, I've seen you on ESPN before. That new layout sucks
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