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  • What a perfect song for a perfect day. Turn it up, buddy :reptar:

    Deerhunter - Basement Scene (with lyrics) - YouTube
    haha naa idc man. I cant wait to move in. Another thing i like is freshman week. In August, freshman move in like 3 days before the other classes so they have a couple of days with no classes just time to go out and get familiar with the classroom lcations and where everything is
    and they have a system that if you dont know anyone, you can get matched up with a roommate. So like you rank your priorities. and youll get matched up with someone that wants the same style as you.
    Its semesters. And I know people that go to Iowa right now and break is just as long as everyone else. Its like a whole month. And parties are never really in freshman dorms because the rooms arent big enough. People with apartments and frat houses have the parties haha
    As for Iowa City, it is awesome. Its a great college town. the downtown area is perfect. Its like a 5 minute walk from the dorms. downtown has a lot of restaraunts including Bdubs, Chipotle, and taco bell. Got starbucks and ice cream stuff like that. THen of course bars and stuff. I love the downtown area. Another cool thing is the megabus system. A mega bus stops at Iowa on certain days. the bus has a few different routes but I know you can catch a bus to Chicago or Oakbrook for $30 round trip. So that definitely beats the price of gas. Definitely keep considering it and ill be able to answer more questions for you next year. Schedule a visit early next year and I can show ya around to if you want
    Well first of all, I will be majoring in journalism. Havent figured out if I want to do sports writing or sports broadcasting. I may even double major in sports management. You can major and minor. However, some fields are only offered as majors. So you would have to look into what you want to minor in and see if they offer that. And no Illinois and Iowa doesnt have that agreement. But if you go on IOWAs website and do the RAI score calculator you can figure out if youll get money. If youre RAI score is above 290, then you get $4,700 off a year. And im not sure about indiviual dorms. They may have a few but they highly recommend that you have a roommate. Why wouldnt you want one?
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