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    03-05-2012 09:46 PM
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    For some reason, Melvin likes what we have. I can see them adding a couple RP, and maybe a bench bat, but don't expect anything major. They added Adam Lind earlier as their 1B which was the biggest weakness.
    all the way at the bottom of the page next to ChiCitySports is a MOD menu. That should take you to where you can ban people.
    I know, right. All documentation is present(dealer invoice , certification), clean title, owner history. One thing I know, when something official is this rare and looks cool as shit, it's worth diving into. I'll probably take a risk on it. What sucks, is Mustang IIs are shit for collector cars, you can buy fully loaded hatchbacks that are like new, for peanuts. But that also is a good indicator that so many disappointed collectors are just going to scrap the cars(30 year investment rule). So to find the best and rarest version of the Mustang II might just be the lord of the flies, so nobody really cares(including most appraisers). If I can keep it under $15k as a total investment, I'll be happy. Because if it's not worth shit, I'll just enjoy it myself, because it's still really freaking cool.

    Thanks anyways, Dews. ;)

    I hope it's no trouble. Other than the two handler originals(77 and 78), I know is that less than 5 clones were made for shows, and about 80 more body clones based on hatchbacks with fiberglass bumpers by Monroe's builder. This one has the glass bumper covers, and Monroe documentation. The front bumper is cracked to all hell, but I can make the mold and build a new one with a stronger weave for about 1100 and a week of work. But I don't know if that justifies the investment, because I can't find a street price on these suckers.
    Hey man. A buddy found an original 78 Monroe Mustang II, with Monroe/Handler documentation. Do you have any idea on what these things fetch, fully restored? I can't seem to find anything.
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