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  • Good grief. You have to deal with that Grimson troll in the Hawks forum, too?

    Bad enough in Cubs and Bears forums. 😀
    I know, I heard. One good thing is that I heard the hospitals in LA really have some great doctors who are doing some great curing this season.

    I know.....that was pretty cold.

    I couldn't help myself.


    Too bad it wasn't Kenny Albert.

    That's cold too....

    I'm a very, very, very bad man.
    I guess your inbox is full.

    Lol. It was in Dubuque. Local USHL game.

    Yeah im of the mindset that they made too many moves at the deadline.
    Ladd would've been fine, but I felt the team lost some chemistry with all the moves
    Fuck NBC....another night of watching with no sound. Evidently, the new mopes on the Hawks board are finding out what we already knew about those two assholes.
    HAAA...not in the regular season. Funny thing is after Albert and Micheletti, Strader doesn't seem so bad. At least I kept the sound on for his games.
    Make sure you tune into NBCSN and see our guys Dave Strader, Brian Engblom call the Blackhawks game.
    Joe Micheletti.....I can't even express what an asshole that guy is. Just think....we were bitching about Panger.

    Anyway, it'll be a long before we have to worry about the Kings and their ass wipe fans and broadcasters.
    Turned it on NBCSN tonight.

    Heard ya boys Strader and Joe Micheletti talking about Doughty :fap:
    Ready for the Bears?

    Bears vs. Bills in Week One gets Kenny Albert on FOX.

    I'm sure he'll talk about the Kings and Drew Doughty :fap:
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