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    Will Rodgers & Adams return in 2022?

    What are your thoughts please?
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (Most Monumentally Mundane Monday Matchup Edition)

    Yeah; that wasn’t even slightly Kindles fault. It was Christian.
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    Fire Nagy tonight

    this was getting old a month ago
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    Thomas Graham Jr

    Christian is the worst one out there. Worthless. At least Graham was willing to make a tackle. Christian is a complete pussy & he can’t cover. He’s worse than Kindle by far. Let’s see BoPete.
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    Bears Did It! Coaching Change Made!

    Amen. Guy is an idiot
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    Which DB’s are available tomorrow?

    I hope no one is playing against Jefferson in Fantasy tomorrow.
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    Which DB’s are available tomorrow?

    Vildor, Bush & Christian. Who is going to start at safety? Cousins is gonna throw for 400.
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    I’ll give Pace credit for one thing…

    I said “one thing.” The Grant trade worked out. We have him next year; thanks Tarek~ it was great while it lasted. BTW; we got fucked on that Damien Williams TD. I absolutely HATE Vildor (and Christian & Crawford) as a player, but you can’t enter back into the field fast we than he did. We got...
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    Not excusing vildor but this packers punt…

    The only comments I saw were that the call was trash, unless it’s someone that is just ready to annihilate Vildor b/c he’s a worthless football player. He sucks! I can’t stand him, but that was a TD
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Packers (Annual Northern Ownership Convention Edition)

    Right back! That wasn’t a penalty. Anyone that thinks it was is blind. He came RIGHT BACK in. I watched it 10x
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    And Crawford is equally as Shitty as Vildor. Astonishing that their both in the NFL. Add Christian to that list. As Trufant is the starting CB for the Raiders
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    Vildor sucks, but watch that play. He came right back on the field. Period. I can’t fucking stand a Vildor, but that wasn’t a penalty: I’ve rewatched it 10x. Not sure how much faster you want anyone to get back on the field.
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    Not excusing vildor but this packers punt…

    We’ll, I’m excusing it b/c Vildor came right back on the field. I HATe Vildor as a player & I was instantly cursing him until I saw the replay. That was absolutely a TD! He got pushed out & came right back on the field. It was shocking watching that replay. He came right back on the field. If...