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    Does it surprise anyone else to know wrigley is a top 10 pitcher park?

    Besides the wind factor, Wrigley does not have the short porches down each line I honestly think if Babe Ruth played half of his games atWrigley he wouldn't have hit more Homer's than he had
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    It's going to be long, tough season for Gubbies.

    The Cubx can wind up anywhere 2ndto4t.No body is as bad as Pirates and IMO Cards take division
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    Lester signs with Nationals

    Maybe yes maybe no. 3 and 3 record era over 5 last year. Hes definitely on a downhill slope. But maybe for 1 more year on a team with a decent offense he might have a year left in the tank
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    Lester signs with Nationals

    1 year deal. I see Jon and Schwarber leading Washington to the East Division crown.
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    Len Kasper leaving Cubs for White Sox

    I haven't been this upset since Wayne Larrivee left to do Packer games!
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    Cubs decline option on Jon Lester

    A little surprised by this. Lester still had some left in the tank..Why pay the 10 million when you could sign Jon 1 more year at a reduced rate?
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    Cubs over/under predictions?

    No I'm not making this up There are several baseball magazines out now While not a consensus, there are a sizable number of pundits who have are predicting Cinci will be higher up in the standings than the Cubs and a few are saying the Sox will have a better record than the Cubs Personally I...
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    Cubs over/under predictions?

    Is it not in your DNA to act like an adult? Your last 2 posts you have called me names without refuting a thing I said Quit chugging the kool aid and prove that YOU aren't the want we will all call Dumbass.
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    Cubs over/under predictions?

    Sir first you say on paper the Cubs are a .500 team. Then you say lets let them play the game. So instead of looking at the talent the Cubs have, the fact that sports writers all over the country are saying the Reds and ChiSox will have a better record than the Cubs, you accuse me of posting...
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    Cubs over/under predictions?

    Baseball players age quickly in 4 years and 2020 ain't 2016 This team will be lucky to win 80 and make 3rd place As 1 magazine said about the Cubs rotation.."the rotation consists of Yu Darvish and 4 soft tossers" Reality sucks. Watch Lester show his age this year
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    After NBA suspends their season, what odds MLB starts on time?

    Be I an older fan (69 in April) I loved the scheduled double headers where the 2nd game started 30 minutes fate the west Let's do it!!
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    Who wins Center Field job?

    Yeah I think platoon is the reality of the situation And what's so bad with that?? Almost all teams platoon somewhere in the lineup And again spring training stats mean nothing Albert will hit around .230 and hit 10 or 12 homers. That's what he does
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    Can Giambrone make the Cubs?

    He's only 5 ft 8, but he's played everything in the minors but catcher and pitcher. It's early, but he looks impressive 5 ft 8 first baseman?
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    Looks Like Zobrist Will Retire

    We will always remember Ben as the MVP of the 2016 World Series Congratulations on a great career, Zo! Thank you!