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    3 with Preds

    Wonderful year! Glad I bought the Dish Center Ice package about 5 games in. I admit to jumping on the dump Stan and Jeremy wagon before the season started. (U still feel that way?). Looking forward to what moves our experts on this forum say we need to do to lock in a playoff spot for next...
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    Justin Fields has epilepsy – a neurological disorder that can cause seizures

    Very unfortunate for Fields. I watched game day pressure end Jerry Kill's coaching days at the University of Minnesota because of his epilepsy. Hopefully for Fields, treatment has improved. But it's hard to imagine a team risking a high draft choice on him.
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    Time to end the Colliton experiment...

    I completely agree. Naysayers on this forum continue in spite of the success u noted above (and tonight's impressive 3rd period come-from-behind win) to defend their preseason predictions that this team with this coach and this GM were going nowhere this season. And that was before we found out...
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    Report: Cubs give Rizzo lowball offer?

    Decent offer considering Rizzo can’t find his bat until June.
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    I hate to say it...

    Hope so. IMHO I look forward to trading some of these kids for players in their prime.
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    Calling u out

    C'mon. Lighten up. We r all Hawks fans here. The consensus on this forum before the season began was 1) the team sucked 2) JC couldn't coach in the bigs and 3) Stan was a moron. The consensus got 1 of 3 right. No one I can remember and I mean no one predicted with Dach and Toews out that this...
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    Nice comment on the minutes. Applies to all members of that great class. They've logged a ton of minutes when u consider playoffs. Kane and Keith are legit iron men.
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    Thx for bailing me out Martini. Hope he comes back healthy and as soon as possible.
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    Oops...u r right. I thought he was out 5 weeks not 5 months. Guess my enthusiasm for this team is getting way ahead of itself. Thx for note.
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    Any info on Dach's return? Is he skating?
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    Calling u out

    That's my point. In the words of Jim Mora, "Playoffs? Playoffs?" Before the season began just about everyone on this blog said Detroit would be the only team we could compete against. That all our goalies sucked. And that JC was out of his element in the NHL. This ain't that team and JC ain't...
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    The Future

    Need some help...1) are both Nagy and Pace's jobs at stake this coming season? 2) is it more likely they would both be fired or would one go and the other possibly stay? 3) If jobs are at stake, what would the Bears record have to be for either or both to keep their jobs?
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    Calling u out

    I know it's still early but IMHO it's time to recognize that this team is not the one many were hating on before the season began. Led by vets Kane, Cat and Keith, these guys are playing hard and getting points. We've found a goalie. We just took 3 points from a solid contender. And we're doing...
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    GDT - Chicago Blackhawks vs Canes - 7:00 cst 2/1/21

    Wow...has the tone on this board changed! Luv it.
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    I like Kurashev. 20 goals in a 56 game season converts to 31 gag in an 82 game schedule. That's Marchand level.