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    What if Pace traded up for Watson...

    Think the narrative would be the same as it is now? Part of this whole 'selling the farm' 'Pace getting fleeced' garbage is who the Bears took. No one saw this coming. Jeremiah and Brugler said the Bears liked Trubisky at 3 leading up to the draft, but I think that was viewed as smoke Rap...
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    Lawson Needs Shoulder Surgery

    I guess that smoke about his shoulder before the draft was accurate. Wow. That sucks! Jason La Canfora @JasonLaCanfora Bills announce top pick Shaq Lawson requires shoulder surgery and express optimism he is ready for Week 1. Surgery to take place tomorrow
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    Floyd Chooses #94

    Discuss. Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    Bernstein is an Idiot...and a Pig

    This is no bueno. It's completely unprofessional. I imagine he's in some deep shit after this, but maybe not since he can say whatever he wants and is pretty much invincible there. Spiegs should've told him to knock it off too instead of trying to avoid it. Just a really, really bad night for...
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    Offensive Coordinator Thread

    Thought it would be nice to have an OC Thread since the Fangio thread seems like it's for DC's. Mods, if you feel like this thread is redundant feel free to merge it or get rid of it. First bit of news: Adam Jahns@adamjahns Source: #Bears have put in interview request for Rob Chudzinski for...
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    Bears Interviewed Marrone Today....

    ....along with Austin. Still luke warm on Marrone. I don't doubt his ability to coach. I doubt he is a long term answer here and he appears to be quite the asshole when he doesn't get his way. Don't know how that would jive with Pace.
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    Offensive Fixes: Increasing the Tempo

    Quick thought here. Don't know if it deserves its own thread so feel free to merge it with another thread. Any who, how about picking up the tempo on offense? I know Jay usually gets 2 plays and he either rolls with the one called or kills it to the 2nd play. This takes a lot of time because...