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  • Yeah taller midget...blah blah :)...anyways really impressed with Cobb. Hate facing him twice a year now :)

    Great returner, solid reciever and running back. Heck if Aaron gets hurt, he can throw too, right? :)
    FWIW, you were right about Bennett. Not sure if I'd take Driver over him at this point, but he's terrible.
    Did you eat at Curly's Pub when you went to Lambeau? It looks like a pretty nice place to grab a bite to eat prior to the game. Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon (Nation Books) (9781560254423): Robert Fisk: Books

    Here, just before I forget. If you're still interested in the entirety of the Lebanese conflict, he is considered the foremost expert. You can find this book in ereader/pdf formats for free online, and it's a pretty good read. He talks about the experience from within Lebanon, but you can find the other part of the story in Reagan's memoirs where he talks about our side, and how the suicide bombings stopped. He also says it's one of his big regrets to think we could involve ourselves with a hostile muslim area and achieve peace through force. As well as regretting the 240-something marines that were killed due to bad hindsight.
    Hey Bruce, I mean Gunz! :-D Thanks, I'm good. Hope you're doing well too. Always nice to see ya :] It really does suck. -_- Are you liking the game so far?
    I hope you're having a wonderful night and the sweetest of dreams! It was nice to meet you too :]
    I wouldn't say a lot but two big Cheeseheads. LOL! I've always been curious about the Xbox. Kinect is very tempting. *_* Batman will be freakin' awesome, I bet! Oooh! Fajitas *drools* I haven't had one in so long. I'm hungry now, thanks. LOL :D My absolute favorite thing to cook is one of my family's special dishes: Chicken Cutlets (cut up) with red & green Bell peppers and Onions :-D ahhh! Another is Stewed Chicken! I love Spanish, Southern & Caribbean. I'm a deeply spiritual (Christian) person so I love to read books about that. I like some fiction, non-fiction and mystery books too! I'm not a Masseuse or Massage Therapist yet! The power of massage amazes me.
    Very true. I like your answer! I've seen a lot of Packers fans predicting a repeat and its refreshing to hear an honest answer from a person who loves the game. Thanks a lot! (Carolina's gonna need it vs. you guys! Not sure what their problem is.) Sonic is awesome ^_^ I love Crash Bandicoot too! What video games/consoles are you fond of? Besides sports, I'm into making Graphics, video editing, photography, reading, cooking, charities, journaling/blogging and massage therapy. What are your other interests?
    I'm so excited for the Bulls too!!! :D Honestly, I am going to be quite peeved if there isn't an '11-'12 season but I believe there will be. :] How will you feel if there's no season? I don't want us to lose any of the momentum we've gained. Do you believe the Packers will win the Super Bowl again? As a Bears/Panthers fan, I say :p LOL. You're right, competition is great! I love it, as I am a competitive person in any type of game or race I play.
    I'd have to say Basketball - Da Bulls!!! I got into Basketball 1st, then Baseball/Softball, Football & Hockey. How about you?
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