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  • It's blah at this point. My AIM is Cutsizzle6 if you want to ask questions though.
    Yeah I'd go with the Show then. That's one of the reasons I still have my PS3. You could always wait until March and get The Show 13, but you can get The Show 12 for $25 pre-owned.

    The Road to the Show mode in those games are the top selling point and it delivers every year. You're going to love it.
    Yep, the Show is a PS3 exclusive. I haven't played MLB2K since 2007 because I've been with the Show since then, but I've heard nothing but bad things about it since 2009. Game is apparently full of bugs and glitches and isn't a good baseball game. It's been bad enough that 2K felt like they couldn't compete with the Show anymore and have decided to quit making the game. The Show will be the only baseball game on the market this coming year.

    But I see no harm in getting 2k12 for about $30 now just to see if you might enjoy it. One of my friends seems to enjoy it, so it's probably hit or miss with some people.
    Just waiting on someone to drop a better bench sleeper, than Jacoby Jones(who I think could do well, but his team is stacked with athletic WRs). So I thank you. :)
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