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    NY Post hates Bears draft

    Lol, you may find this interesting ommy The Green Bay Packers stiffed Aaron Rodgers again and now divorce beckons this is from yahoo sports today, lol. not sure how to link things, but you can go read the story. they were not very nice. why am i not surprised?

    The Mack Brothers are together Again

    I do believe the MACK brothers will be a far better playing pair then the Griffin brothers in Seattle. people also need to remember, Lachs brother was a FB, not a LB. they played different sides of the ball. when ya watch both Mack brothers, they can play. both on the defensive side of the ball...

    Pat McAfee on Nick Foles trade.

    do people really think foles is an upgrade or adds competition?

    Bears trade for QB Nick Foles

    well, they atleast filled the spot chase had. same old bears tho, throwing out picks n money for a lifetime backup.

    2019 Offense Review as told by All-22 gifs

    good of you to take the time and show people what many of us have seen, for a good part of the season. i sure hope nagy can pull his head out and actually put a power run game together for our team. we have the backs, just need the plays. would make trubs and the WR corp look allot better i'm...

    Does Ron Rivera's availability accelerate Nagy's departure?

    This team was built for running the ball. rivera could come in and make this offense work, just by running the ball maybe 10 times or more, or actually having decent run plays. nagy and his pass 1st offense means, the entire O-line needs to be revamped for pass protection 1st. yes or no? the...

    Roster Cuts and The Final 53

    Seems Fitts fell off the radar a bit. few other guys look to have more steam or want when they are on the field. maybe fitts needs a few xtra pounds, or a lil more speed,who knows.

    Roster Cuts and The Final 53

    That was something Nagy explained, he learned a valuable lesson of when he was named HC. hopefully a few good TE's fall through the next wave of cuts. allot of players will be available after this week.

    Bears trade Howard to Philly for a 6th (possible 5th)

    Not sure where you even got or read that LOL. what i was saying is, i wish we got a better pick. philly is drafting high.not in the front, or the middle of the draft, but towards the end.

    Was Ryan Nall a big reason we gave away Howard???

    agreed. Nall can catch aswell. hopefully we get to see more of him. i liked the idea they picked him up. i wanted Nall here when he came out of college. he was awesome for the Beavers.

    Bears trade Howard to Philly for a 6th (possible 5th)

    only thing sux about the trade is, it isn't going to be a low 6th or even a low 5th. eagles are picking close to last. wish we could have gotten atleast a 4th, but hey, knowing pace and how aggressive he's been in the draft, we may end up with a top notch RB. who knows.

    Which RB will we draft?

    Williams would be a great fit. speed, power and good hands.

    Was Ryan Nall a big reason we gave away Howard???

    Nall is a power back. we still need 1 of those. a guy like James "Boobie" Williams, would fit nicely with Nall and Cohen. Nall did have a good preseason last year. hopefully he digested some of the playbook and might be able to step up this year. we all know what Cohen can do. Williams is kind...

    Who is responsible for players Health and Physical fitness

    Anyone know? has it been the same person or people the past say 5 years? we all know the game takes it's toll, but sure seems like our Bears suffer more then other teams do. does this part of the staff change along with the coaches or do the Bears have a special place all the players go? i just...

    Has pace signed any UDFA's or going after anymore FA's

    i think ive seen maybe 1 or 2 signings, but isn't pace usually vigilante, after the draft? seen tre boston was cut, and wondering about J. Howard. we need some D-line depth. looks as if we signed some O-linemen, but we need a few D-linemen to.