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    IST: Cubs v Braves

    Time for another pitcher before it's too late.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** 2021 Chicago White Sox season thread

    Today's game postponed due to rain will be made up as part of a split doubleheader on 5/14.
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    Something happened...BULLS ACQUIRE VUCEVIC

    I've never heard of Vucevic so to me that trade is a dud.
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    GDT (early edition) - Chicago Blackhawks at Red Wangs - 7:00 cst 1/22/21

    Tonights game's in 4K btw.[as is every home game from now on]
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    Wild Card IST: Marlins AT Cubs

    It's sunny where I am north of Chicago........they played in the rain yesterday.[pansies]........conspiracy theory i've read elsewhere is they postponed the game so they'll have at least 1 game tomorrow.
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    IST: Cubs at Redbirds

    The series has been postponed.
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    IST: Cubs at Redbirds

    It's been postponed.
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    MLS restart 2020

    The Chicago Fire lost to Vancouver earlier today 2-0 and so they're done.
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    MLS restart 2020

    The Fire beat Seattle 2-1........keep it up guys you never know what can happen if you do.
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    Marquee Sports Network

    If you can't see the games on Comcast you can stream the games on reddit btw.
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    Marquee Sports Network

    How hard can it be for Comcast to get the deal done?[the problem is my only choice is Comcast since the condo complex i'm at has a deal w/Comcast so unless I move i'm stuck waiting for them to get their heads out of their keisters and do a deal]
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    NBA Draft IGT: 6/20 NBA DRAFT!

    The NBA seems to want the Bulls to remain mediocre for years to come imho.