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    Norm MacDonald's dead

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    He's from California, not Canada.
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    Not looking good for Goldman

    @Bearly Just shows that Maggie is a really good HC.
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    When Dalton falters and they trade Foles

    Because Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, Kyle Murray and Deshaun Happy Endings needed to sit a long time before they started.
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    “Fans get sprayed with poop water at fed ex field”

    Did the Dave Matthews Band play a show there recently?
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    Does this picture of Andy Dalton concern you?

    It's called aging and it happens to every man. Who among us is in their mid to late thirties or forties on up that doesn't have at least a Touch of Grey?
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    Deep team

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    Is Khalil Mack ever healthy?

    The Raiders truly won that trade. That's why they asked the Bears to trade him back to them.
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    *** OFFICIAL *** NCAA Week 1 IGT: 9/2-9/5

    He came from Bishop Sycamore High School.
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    Breaking: real actural rumour acturally legitimately CONFIRMED about Teven Jenkin on 670 the Score WSCR

    I hear Bishop Sycamore's starting LT is looking for a new team.
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    Does Foles end up in Atlanta with the injury to AJ McCarron?

    I would rather see Daphne Rosen than Josh Rosen