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    Tarik Cohen's brother is missing!

    Looks like Milton is upset.
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    Tarik Cohen's brother is missing!

    I think he is probably F5'ing to see if he gets a reaction and rubs one out to each neg. Being ignored on the internet, the only place he has any identity, is his greatest fear. He is real life Milton.
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    Tarik Cohen's brother is missing!

    You really get to see who is not just pretending to be a socially nonfunctional, maladjusted dick in these situations.
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    Bears given top NFL Draft Class ranking on

    If Fields is a franchise QB, every other pick could be "massage therapist" creepy fetishists that never play an NFL down and it won't matter, it will be a successful draft.
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    Tarik Cohen's brother is missing!

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    Bears given top NFL Draft Class ranking on

    These arbitrarily assigned whether/when he should see the field dates are just as moronic as the before they see the field draft grades.
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    Back to the draft QB rankings. How do they compare in specific arm traits.

    All, to my knowledge, have 2. I consider that crucial. So I am going with a 5 way tie at this point.
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    Nagy confirms they will install some of the OSU plays/concepts to give Fields a head start

    That anyone seeing his play designs of colliding WR's, or playcalls of 130lb halfback dives or 12 bubbles screens a game exonerate Nagy is comical. But you having his nuts tonsils deep down your throat may have something to do with that.
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    Why is Nagy on the “Hot seat”??

    Offensive rankings as the playcaller and offensive HC 21st,29th,26th. Defensive rankings 3rd, 8th,11th It's pretty obvious, that all Nagy does is drag the team down with shitty offense. The team record falls below the defensive ranking each season but he is unable to drag it down as low as his...
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    Why is Nagy on the “Hot seat”??

    Because he is below average at every HC duty, is arguably the worst coach in his specialty of offense, and can't adjust to his players strengths. And despite what you say, he was given his personal choice of QB last season and yanked struggling, yet undefeated at the time, Trubisky. The...
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    Big time weapon for Fields

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    Still interested in Russell Wilson?

    Fields for Russell Wilson and SEA 2022, 2023 and 2024 1sts as a baseline to start talks. If not SEA can go pound sand.
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    The Problem With Firing Pace

    Not that you want to hire a novice that grows into the position, but the last draft and this one by Pace appear to be very solid to potentially special. That along with what appears to be his grasp of the OL woes and needs are encouraging. He still tends to grasp for to many worn out...
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    Justin Fields Stolen from he Waiting Hands of the Vikes

    But at 14 it was only a 200 pt draft value difference to move up to 10. They were making calls, and Dallas certainly would rather not have traded in division. Can you imagine how you would feel as a Bears fan if they had passed on Fields for a swap of 1sts and an extra 3rd rd pick and maybe an...