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    Onward to Victory

    Rules Platform Xbox 360 Quarter Length TBD Game NCAA Football 11 Difficulty TBD Sliders TBD Rosters TBD Dynasty Accelerators Off Recruiting Difficulty TBD
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    What would you do if the Cubs won the World Series?

    The Old Style commercial on 7.20 had some pretty sweet answers, so what would you do if the Cubs won it all?
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    Who's your number one girl?

    Mine is Mariska Hargitay. NSFW She has some niceeee boobies! :D
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    Sports Injuries?

    I've had tons of concussions and a torn ACL on my right knee from hyperextending it during football. Broke my leg clean through, literally, in 2nd grade and didn't play again. Broke my ankle trying to beat out a play at first a year and a half ago. Tons of broken fingers, but I played through...
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    Favorite Users Thru 2 Days?

    I like USCfan, he's pretty active. Also BigP even though he's a sox fan, because his description is nearly identical to my cousin Patrick's. I almost thought you were him for a second. And, of course, CJ because she's female. Gotta have the ladies on the list <3
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    Cubs drop 2 of 3 to the Astros

    We might be worse than I originally thought.
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    Names on Other Forums?

    I don't recognize some people but I think I should. What are your names elsewhere? I'm JayRock everywhere except the Cubs forum where I am whatgoat.
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    Marmolade Blows the Save

    This is ridiculous. Get a real closer in the game. We're playing the Houston-fucking-Astros. Why did we ever move Dempster out of that spot? Absolutely ridiculous. /sarcasm It does suck though. He gets too Slider-Happy sometimes.
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    Founding Fathers

    I know everyone is a little new with each other, but since we are the founding fathers of CCS who would you compare to the real life counterparts? Washington, Jefferson, etc. Cutsizzle is G-Dub zack is Jimmy Clausen.. no wait, that wont work because I actually win things. I am John Hancock...
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    I am JayRock Hear me roar RAAWWWRRR