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    Cubs announce 100% capacity

    Hopefully billionaire Tom Ricketts won't have "biblical" financial losses anymore.
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    Cubs Padres.
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    Is anyone else nervous about Jenkins at LT?

    I understand that he primarily played RT in college. But I read more than once that he doesn't project as a LT but no one really explained why. Good point about dominant run blockers being typecast as RTs.
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    Is anyone else nervous about Jenkins at LT?

    Why did so many draft analysts project him as RT?
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    IST: Nats @ Cubs

    I would say the problem is the Cubs seem to be an organization with no direction or clear plan right now.
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    Packers reportedly losing confidence in Jordan Love

    Everything about trading up for Love - from legitimate questions about his ability to insulting and not informing your future hall of fall QB ahead of time - seemed like a bad idea from the start.
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    Morgan Moses, OT WFT available via trade?

    Yup. And (as you know) even JJ is a concern due to his history of shoulder issues.
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    Morgan Moses, OT WFT available via trade?

    No question those guys are true difference makers at their respective positions and I'd love to see either on the Bears. But for the upcoming season I think the Bears need to add a veteran corner on a 1 year deal.
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    Morgan Moses, OT WFT available via trade?

    I'd rather spend money on a CB. I wonder what type of deal Steven Nelson will command.
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    Phase 2 offseason program

    I feel the anger should be directed at the union and not the Broncos. The ability for NFL teams to void non-football injuries (injuries that occur outside NFL facilities are considered non-football) was collectively bargained by the union and league last offseason. This means players and their...
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    Questions about the defense

    I have no idea how Desai will do long term. But hard to believe he gets that job if Nagy's job security was viewed as being more stable. It probably scared off some candidates.
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    Dan Orlovsky Appreciation Thread

    Zero chance he fell because of Orlovsky. I'm excited about Fields, but despite what some want to believe his game does have some areas that need improvement that caused him to fall behind other QBs in the draft. Btw - Is this the worst play of all time?
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    Leno. HE GONE

    Not just a rookie. But a rookie that might not be suited for the position. Prior to the draft, almost everyone projected Jenkins at RT. This is a risky move and only makes sense if Jenkins can play at a productive level at LT and/or the Bears sign a LT this offseason.
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    Who do you like tomorrow?

    I hope a quality LT falls to the bears. But I think the need for CB is being severely underappreciated. Jaylon Johnson has a history of shoulder injuries going back to college and you can't go into next season depending on Desmond Trufant as a starter.
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    Mac Jones Vs Justin Fields

    Good post. I have little faith in Nagy to do anything well.