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    2021 Opponents....Draft a qb in 2022

    You forgot Skrine.....he is a liability.
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    Vote for Yannick!

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    Vote for Yannick!

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    Vikings show no class after their win.

    Cousins acting like he won the Super Bowl was the best part
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    The Problem With Firing Pace

    I'm not letting Pace draft another QB
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    Anthony Miller

    7 targets 2 catches. Lazor must like him or something
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    To all you Tyler Bray simps out there

    You must be a moped fanboy
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    Ryan Pace and Nagy are getting fired

    I never want to see Pace, Nagy, Moped, Foles or Skrine again.......Nagy was brought here because of Offense, he's a joke
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    It'll be Mitchell time against the Packers

    Meh....rather start Bray
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (Seriously Not Ready In The Slightest For Primetime Edition)

    115 FN yds through 3 quarters....... absolute bs