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    Win/Loss prediction from Yahoo Sports

    Week 1- @ Los Angeles Rams — LOSS Week 2- vs. Cincinnati Bengals — WIN Week 3- @ Cleveland Browns — LOSS Week 4- vs. Detroit Lions — WIN Week 5- @ Las Vegas Raiders — WIN Week 6- vs. Green Bay Packers — WIN Week 7- @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers — LOSS Week 8- vs. San Francisco 49ers — LOSS Week 9- @...
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    Gem wasted

    That game pitched by Rodon was one of his best games ever as a pro, too bad the offense has basically disappeared over the last three games. When Vaughn hit into that triple play, I knew the game was basically over, the Yankees and their fans were totally fired up at that point. They're going...
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    Love the enthusiasm

    Justin Fields make a statement a few days ago - "nothing against Sid Luckman or the other great QBs, but when it's said and done I want to considered the best Chicago QB ever" Love the kids bravado and with the history of QBs in the Bears organization a VERY attainable goal. However, I have to...
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    LaRussa didn’t like Yermin’s HR

    And to make matters worse, La Russa actually took exception to Anderson and Lynn coming to Mercedes' defense - he made the comment "Lance has a locker - I have an office". WTH is that? Hey great way to keep the camaraderie going in the locker room Tony! Does he not realize crap like this can...
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    LaRussa didn’t like Yermin’s HR

    LMAO, what was Yermin supposed to do in that situation? Run out the clock? Take a knee? He was already "punished" by being booed having a ball thrown at him, what more do you want La Russa? Burning at the stake? Public Hanging? Geez!
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    Thank goodness the offense and starting pitching has been good

    Because that bullpen has been suspect at best. What the hell has happened to Marshall and Foster? Those guys were lights out last year and Marshall looks likes he's just lost all confidence at this point, two straight quick hooks after not getting a single batter out. The lefties have...
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    La Russa napping again...

    Here's also the thing - take away the early season blunders, dude is 76! This is a young and talented team, so baring injury they should be good for at least 4-5 years, so even if LaRussa was doing a great job, question would have still been how long was he going to be around? This team needs...
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    La Russa napping again...

    Reinsdorf feeling he has to bring back a 76 year old man to get over some sort of guilt over a decision he made over 35 years ago could ultimately backfire. It's early but damn, some of La Russa's decision-making makes you question if the game has indeed passed him by.
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    Robert injury

    Damn! Damn! Damn!
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    Not much good about the game

    The only positive was the fact that Robert's injury wasn't as severe as originally feared, hopefully he'll be back sooner than later, with Roberts and Jimenez out, it's even more important for Abreu to snap out of the funk he's in.
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    Wow actually hope in Halas Hall.

    Can't remember this much excitement for a QB in the draft since Rex Grossman was drafted, lol. Seriously this kid's athleticism and arm strength is off the charts, however, he is not a finished product, he still needs to get better in reading coverages and working on his progressions down the...
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    One of the worst losses of the year on 4/27

    Very weird game, Detroit literally tried to hand the game to the Sox, anytime an opponent has 5 errors they usually lose. And even a bigger oddity, Anderson walking twice and Madrigal striking out in the same game.
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    It's becoming decision time....

    How much longer can they keep sending the 4 1/3 man Cease out there on the mound? He simply throws too many pitches and seemingly is always in a 3-2 count. IMO it's time to start grooming Kopech for the 4 spot. On a positive note, Mercedes continues to be a revelation, this kid just refuses...
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    That wasn't pretty, however....

    I agree, and dude hasn't lived up to that lofty contract so far, so far as I'm concerned he hasn't been much of an upgrade to McCann.
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    That wasn't pretty, however....

    Anytime a team walks 9 batters, comments 2 errors and has 2 catcher's interference, usually it's not a win, but the Sox somehow pulled it off and at the end of the day a win is a win. Just waiting for this team to put together a clean string of games, hopefully as the weather heats up so will...