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    Grinding metal

    I know they've had injuries but damn this team has been frustratingly inconsistent for over two months, going a robust 31-31 since the All-Star Break, if not for playing in the worst division in baseball they would be barely hanging on for a playoff spot. Hopefully, they can turn it on in the...
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    When Nagy met with the media on Thursday, he discussed how Fields “provides a lot of value” as a "chess piece" in the Bears’ game plan. I'm sure the fans are delighted to here how the head coach views the future franchise QB.
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    ESPN predicts Bulls finish tied 8th in East with 40-42 record

    Wow, if ESPN says so it must be real. Not saying this is a championship caliber team, however, IMO a bit better than 40-42.
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    Monster of the Midway not too happy.

    Butkus after the Rams scored to make it 20-7, can only imagine what he's thinking.
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    The future should be now!

    Jacksonville and the New York Jets put out their prized possessions on Sunday and the results were mixed and both teams lost; I'm pretty sure both organizations are ok with that because with each game, series, downs, those young QBs are gaining valuable experience. What the hell do the Bears...
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    Keuchel is officially the worst starter in the rotation

    Dude hasn't been effective in his last four starts, he pitched a bit better last night but overall he can't seem to find any consistency. He needs to step up especially with Giolito and Lynn on the IR, good news is that they basically have the division wrapped up.
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    Grandal is Back!

    With the exception of Madrigal, they're at full strength. despite his low average he has a knack for getting on base, and has had some clutch hits this season. Besides I wasn't too keen on Collins or Zavala, they did ok in his absence.
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    Bulls need to get real

    A storyline that just came out - It appears there are still Markkanen believers out there. According to NBC Sports' K.C. Johnson, up to four teams have inquired about sign-and-trades for Markkanen. however, the Bulls' asking price in return is steep. Steep? Ok ok I guess those four teams need...
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    Welcome to the NFL Justin....

    Justin Fields came to Andy Dalton's defense stating that he thought it was disrespectful to boo Andy and cheer him, because guess what he's a human being. Dalton's a big boy and probably can fight his own battles, hell he should be use to booing, his time in Cincinnati especially some of...
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    TA saves the day....again!

    Homer in the ninth saved them from a terrible loss, and falling further back for that top spot in the AL. Hope they can keep that momentum going for the rest of the series.
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    Hopefully the pieces will start to come together

    Hopefully having Jimenez and Roberts will pump more life into this team, outside of that sweep of the Cubs, it's pretty much been uneven play from this team since returning from the All-Star break. One player they need to get going is Moncada, dude has been erratic at best this year on offense.
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    Tony's Boys Do Quit

    Hopefully by going home to play Cleveland they can get rejuvenated, because wow that road trip was a freakin embarrassment.
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    Eloy is back!

    Eloy was damn near a one man wrecking crew last night - made a couple of nice catches, threw a runner out a home and came up with the game winning HR in the 8th - not bad for a guy that's been off for months.
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    Eloy is back!

    I'll give Eloy a pass, he was making his season debut (I don't count that minor league stint), however, for the rest of the group, watching that offense over the last 5 games have been like watching paint dry, not good when one your leading RBI guys in that stretch has been Lance Lynn.
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    The receiving battle is officially wide open...

    With Miller gone, IMO the only real locks appear to be Robinson and Mooney, I've heard Goodwin and Byrd have looked good so far, so maybe they're locked up also, Wims could find his way on the roster just because of time served, Ridley is also an option. Anyway, that final roster spot for WRs...