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  • I saw that. Why people get in if they have no intention of playing is beyond me.
    Thanks Rush. Gotta get back in the swing of things. I had all the time in the world when the Bulls were winning 33 games. Now I don't have a minute to do anything. Things are easing up for me though.
    I have Crackdown 2, it's on my hard drive, so I always for get I have the game. The campaign didn't do much for me. I didn't play Crackdown 1 so I wasn't a fan of the series to begin with. I would say with all the good games coming in the next couple months, pass on Crackdown 2.
    I will, I had to drop guys to add people from my college football and madden leagues. Nothing For some reason XBL has that silly 100 friend limit.
    The main one I have is full, but I think I might start another one. So yeah. I'll start one for the guys on here. I purchased the "be a commish for three dynasties" DLC, so I can do it.
    hey bro...can I join an on-line dynasty on NCAA football with you? I am hoping to get my feet wet against the best competition and then murder my friends in recruiting...I am basically wanting to join a tough dynasty league full of great recruiters, because all my friends(like myself) know how to play, but with the new recruiting tactics I could obviously have a clear advantage.
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