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  • Thanks Desp34! Hope you are still hitting the gym and enjoying the last of the good weather!

    It's been crickets from the Erin and Fat Matt apologists lately hahahaha....such hypocrisy is laughable! Can't wait until week 10 when we have our D back...such a waste
    Erinitout the stalker with all his fans and cute red bars going for another ban. How did you like another Rodgers choke and shitty play yet again with his whole 178 passing yards and 2 picks? 5 giveaways and still got embarassed as usual. Hahaha...what a fucking loser you must feel like in your boiler room.
    Erin sounds like a typical toad.

    Guap is my guy.

    Whats up brotha. Lemme know whenever you hit up Chicago! We'll take ya out
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