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    Matt Eberflus hired as Bears head coach

    The OC is going to be everything. I’m so bored watching shit Bears offence, year after year. Most of our HCs have been fine as HCs, even Nagy. None of them could either run or find the right OC to run a half decent offence.
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    Justin Fields Deep Ball Project

    If Fields throws a great deep ball Nagy would never have him do it. Because….that’s just what they will be expecting us to do! His comment about rolling him out and using his legs was actually that.
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    Some OC candidates for when the Bears hire a defensive head coach

    Very nervous about OCs that don’t call plays. They are an OC in name only, so you don’t really know what you are getting at all. Nagy’s lack of playcalling experience and the subsequent shit show should be a warning. With Fields there it’s incredibly important to get that hire right this time...
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    After the Bills run in the post season, I am all in on DaBoll

    Even though they lost I liked the way Leftwich called the end of the TB game, the run to the outside on 4th and 1 with the game on the line was gutsy but smart. He went for it but didn’t give that LA DL a chance to get to Brady by putting it in his hands, even though he’s the GOAT. Absolute...
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    Overtime rules stink!!! Robbed us all tonight

    Soccer has a lot more ‘extra time’ due to draws (ties) being so much more likely. They have experimented with different formats and ‘golden goal’ (effectively what the NFL currently has) came in for a few years and was universally disliked. It was felt to be an anticlimactic end and so is this...
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    Aaron Rodgers "Don't want to be part of rebuild . . ."

    How much money do you need? I’d rather the legacy alongside being astonishingly wealthy than just being more astonishingly wealthy.
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    Get in there Niners! Get in Robbie G! Not only did I enjoy that as a Bears fan, I bet on the Bengals, Niners, Bucs and Bills so that’s 2/3 outsiders so far. $40 would be $1000+ if it comes in…. I thought the Bengals and Bills have looked strong lately, and the Packers love blowing it in the...
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    Bears smitten with Brian Flores

    For me the court case, it’s too risky. And what the whole situation says about him as a person, increasing the chances of future personal issues. From a purely on the field perspective Watson is a proven top tier QB with the stats to match who is still young for his position. I like Fields a...
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    The Safest Head Coaching Candidate

    Is Frazier really going to suddenly become a successful HC at the age of 62? He seems a good guy but really? This Bears job is one hell of a tough one, it’s going to need someone special.
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    OTish - Next Head Coach Candidate - Matt Nagy

    Ironically I think Nagy is probably a better HC than OC. He might struggle more than most to get back in somewhere now though because his failure with the Bears was squarely on his offence. Usually when a HC fails they step back down to being an OC or DC, but who the fuck else would want Nagy...
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    ***OFFICAL*** Bears GM/Coaching Search News Thread

    Don’t McDaniels’ people skills leave something to be desired when talking about him as a HC?
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    Seems Like Nagy's Can't Teach

    On a basic level he just looked like he was trying to be really clever all the time but didn’t really know what he was doing. Like someone who has bullshitted their way into a job, which in fairness he probably did. I think those who highlighted how little playcalling he’d done (a small sample...
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    The Olin Kreutz Situation

    They are old fashioned for good and bad. Old fashioned values of decency are to their credit in the stories above. But it’s really not a good thing in terms of being successful in the industry they are in.