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  • I would rather be a Bears fan when they are in the toilet than ever root for the Packers. Enjoy the fact that your team is better for now, it still doesn't change the fact that you clearly are not very bright. All the Packers wins in the world won't make you any less of a simpleton. It takes an extra special kind of slow to be wrong three times in one thread.
    Yea I'll always honor a bet But it's your call and I appreciate the pass. Hell the loss was more embarrassing than a sig bet anyway.
    took you long enough to come back....of course after the Packers win....
    John Kuhn is a damn good fullback!! If you get stoned please talk to cops, they don't care if an individual is under the influence of an illegal substance. If you are stoned and driving, don't worry about causing accidents. Being high doesn't effect driving! I heart the pEckers because it's the only thing me and my dip shit daddy have in common. Haven't seen my mom in years, if I had to guess she is on the back wall of a glory hole! BLOW PACK BLOW!!
    Sad sack of shit going through endless threads ( of the team you can't stand) just to see if someone mentions the Packers , kid needs an intervention
    But I didnt sit around and argue on the 4th....................... Good try dude, need to brush up on your trolling methods.
    So dude you never responded back to my comments on the WR Duo page.....How often do you think we talk about or start threads regarding the Packers on this website, especially in the offseason? Since you only bring up the Packers when a Bears fan talks shit about them, wouldnt that mean you must sit around our website wasting your time? Waiting for somebody to finally talk about the Packers? By your logic, there would be no need for you to be on this forum as much as you are or have as many posts as your do......Really this is how you spend your lonely life?
    Thank your shit team for allowing a backup qb set records vs your shit team and allowing our offense to be rated so high. How did that playoff loss at home feel again? Did you cry or are you just used to it by now. Soo embarassing that isn't your D coordinator and coach on the hot seat? LMAO!

    Live in the now and enjoy the beatdowns and future embarassments. Please don't leave unless you get banned from another board bc your own fans don't even back your idiotic self up
    Advancing to the playoffs and getting completely destroyed and absolutely embarassed by a wild card team at your own house while at the time having the WORST D IN NFL HISTORY is pathetic and I would rather not set the wrong kind of records like being the only team with that record to not advance and get embarassed.

    I guess you like being in the record books for the wrong reason and looking like a usual idiot. By the way, awesome record last year and a one and done home. How did you like splitting with our Bears backups last year lol
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