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    For the Optimistic Bears fan

    Found a good write-up on what's going on in camp in regards to the whole team and a couple of player highlights. It's a good read,check it out.
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    Piniella Calls it Quits

    Via Espnchicago,Piniella announced he plans to retire at the end of the 2010 season.
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    Do you jam?

    I've noticed a few references by members here about how they play guitar,or music in general. I thought it'd be neat to see if you guys are in any bands or record your music. Here's a video of my bands first performance at a music festival 4 years ago. We only started playing together the week...
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    I'm "Ricky" from over at the site formerly known as VSN. Rush hit me up with the link to this place. Very cool to have a exclusive Chicago place to hit up. Bear Down Mahfockers.