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    Who is your favorite underrated Bear!

    Tom Waddle. There, I said it.
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    Breaking Down Cole Kmet

    Here's an abridged version.
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    Trevor Davis

    I would wager that there are a couple of women in this forum who fly under the radar, hoping to find news and analysis of their favorite sports team. I would also wager they manage rather lengthy Ignore Lists in order to maintain their sanity here. Just a guess.
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    UDFA Thread

    What's the Afrikaans word for "pancake?"
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    Great Moment. Worth Watching

    I love rooting for a hometown kid. Hope he does well here.
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    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 2 IGT***

    Kmet is from Lake Barrington. Always fun to root for a hometown kid.
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    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 2 IGT***

    Nice pick
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Superb Owl LIV (Copyright Infringement Free Edition)

    A 100-year old Tuskegee Airman? Respect, good sir.
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    If Mahomes wins the Super Bowl tonight

    Love the IT Crowd.
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    Biggs: No Kafka, Targeting Bill Lazor

    It's hard to get excited about ANYTHING on this team.
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    Bears hire Clancy Barone as TEs coach

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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Vikings (That's A Wrap Edition)

    What a pass! Garbage, my ass.