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    Guys, Fields honestly was not good

    Very Nagy-isque
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    Well be better then expected

    I think Velus will be the third option
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    The pressure is on Getsy..

    Flus is coaching all three and not just defense
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    Favorite Obscure Bears Player?

    Roy Williams baby
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    Why do posters on here cape so hard for Cole Kmet when he literally averages 1 TD/per year which is literally rediculously low production for a #1 TE?

    TE development takes time. Nagy didn’t do him any favors so hopefully he balls out this year.
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    ESPN FPI: Bears best odds to win #1pick

    I wonder if it had anything to do with the Super Bowl shuffle?
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    I hope the 49ers do start T Lance week one…….

    Most National and even local don’t watch tape of players. They look at stats and come to conclusions.
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    Bears should have taken the top receiver on their board.

    Got to love the meltdowns
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    Jaquan Brisker

    Eh. This secondary better be nasty
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    Bears select K Gordon

    Hopefully Jaylon stays healthy. JJ and KG will be a nasty duo.
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    Bears select K Gordon

    He is a beast. Will work well in the system
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    Bears 2022 - Breakout Stars / Who You Got?

    Trevis has played in a four front in Tulsa.
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    Lovie smith's revenge

    They won’t have a good offense. Lovie’s oblivious to offense.
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    Would you do a Von Miller type trade for Robert Quinn?

    No, at least keep him for a year