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    Packer's offensive line woes

    Pressure, pressure, pressure. That will win us this game with opportunistic defense, they will be trying to get a quick ball out A rod will slice and dice us but we need to make him pay.
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    Tevin Jenkins rated #1 on Bears by PFF

    What about the 5th rd rook?
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    Chicago Bears pass block win rate from week-1

    When and why was Tevin taken out, performance? Saw Lucas in the second half a lot at RG
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    Take of two halves LFG
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    Cut Jackson

    Jackson great pick
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    ***Week 1 JERSEY GIVEAWAY***

    462 Total points: 46
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    Trubisky is a captain

    Fields > Trubisky
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    Team captain guessing game.

    Agreed on santos man’s an assassin
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    Team captain guessing game.

    Fields, Montgomery, Roquan, Quinn Honorary W1 Jaylon Fields passing yards 265
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    Tonga played well in 15 games but now Poles literally kicks him to the curb? [Football only posts allowed]

    Tonga was basically Toeaina 2.0 Decent player but we upgraded especially in this scheme.
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    Now that you’ve seen an entire Poles off-season how are you feeling CCS?

    I completely agree with a lot of sentiment here. He is disciplined with the plan as we can all clearly see the tear down and start of the rebuild. The other parts are the staff he hired are 100% instilling a different culture here that we haven't had in awhile. It is showing in pre season...