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    Questionmarks for the Bears

    That's a shit stained shit storm
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    Sup guys

    ride cowboy ride
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    Sports Illustrated projects the Chicago Bears hit their rock bottom in new power rankings

    RG3 got hurt. And he was never a pocket passer. Fields isn't comparable to that guy IMO. Unless you are just comparing two black QBs. But I don't think you are. You are smarter than that.
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    Eddie Jackson's daughter has passed away

    Peanut missed camp once and the boards lost it. His daughter needed heart surgery. But then he came back and fucking crushed it. The guy literally invented a football move(peanut punch). He is HOF worthy no doubt in my book. So I think my point here is that Jackson should come back and...
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    OMG what did the Lions just do?

    It says a lot about his character. It'd be different if he were on a Lions board stroking other Lions fans. But he is here. It'd be like us over on the Packers boards getting clowned and rekt about pretty much every which way the Packers have owned the Bears. Which is truth. And we all...
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    OMG what did the Lions just do?

    Yet here we are all gloating about still being better than the Lions. The Bears suck. But not more than the Lions. And all you have is "but but but, our future is more promising" And then you'll see. Like every year. And disappear when the Lions lose to the Bears.... again...since...
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    Anyone else doing no mow may?

    Is that what it is for? Or is it sticking it to the mab for gas prices?
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    Anyone else doing no mow may?

    I celebrate no mow November to March
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    Slap fighting?

    Jesper Horstead should consider this. He catches everything!
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    *****OFFICAIL*****The Space Thread

    So Soundgarden had it right all along?
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    Poles killing it on WR market

    He sort of has to play to help "us"
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    What Chity Player Will People Overrate Now That Horsted is Gone?

    O'shaughnasty about to have 59 catches for 189 yards and 2 scores.
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    Bears release “#2” TE

    Polesuckers,Pacesexuals, this will never stop. Imagine how many GMs we will end up going through?
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    Bears release “#2” TE

    Pshhhh. Whatever Polesucker. 1 out of every 4 passes and this guy was scoring!
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    Bears release “#2” TE

    Goodbye Jesper the Friendly TE. You were too good for the Bears anyway.