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    Furnace Filters

    20" by 20" by 1" are literally like 3.00. I buy in bulk and change out once a month. The thicker the filter, the less air can pass through. Also, clean your coils once a season and you are fine.
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    David DeCastro anyone?

    Me too. He must not be healthy is all I can think? Do the Steelers save a ton with this chop?
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    Goldman to report on time

    It's ok Vick. I am half intoxicated this eve. I'm not gonna be the best punctuator.
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    Goldman to report on time

    Did ya double doink yer pecker off of a fat girl yet?
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    Goldman to report on time

    How ironic, I make a fiber thread and then I come in here and you are pontificating about how you knew with every fiber of your bean! Sonis fiber beans or sand bruh?
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    Metamucil or Benefiber???

    So fiber is sand? That sounds completely unhealthy.
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    Lawn Mowing Thread

    I push a Craftsman T110 around my lawn. Weed Wacker is also Craftsman.
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    Metamucil or Benefiber???

    I'd like to support my digestive system with a little help from some over-the-counter supplements. Can anyone help me out here?
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    Subway Tuna Sub

    Tuna Sub spelled backwards is Bus A Nut
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    Nagy: If no double doink 'we were going to win the Super Bowl'

    If the Bears waived Nagy and hired Reid tomorrow, you'd be upset huh?
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    A-Rob and Mooney Training In Florida

    Sounds flamboyant
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    Furnace Filters

    You sound like a man who needs air filters for an AC unit you don't have.
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    Furnace Filters

    Do you not own an AC or do you have a large cooler of ice with fans blowing over it? So the solar panels charge the ???? Do you have sweaty branes too?
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    Coaches and Players Comments on Fields

    He may be geezing out? I think this total postfest of late is prime example of senility.
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    Justin Fields: Andy Dalton has completely taken me under his wing.

    Not sure that means what you think it does in this context.