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    Your Two Suggestions for Nagy Against Cleveland ?

    We are not going to win this game with a shotgun, static passing game, that is Daltons way to play, because he is good at getting the ball out quick. Remember that defensive coordinators have very little information on Fields, and Nagy need to take advantage of that. - Under Center - Play...
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    Andy Supports Justin Field's

    I feel free enough to say this on the Bears Board, but I actually like Huntley's arm, SLIGHTLY better than Lamar's.....
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    Offensive woes - missing the point

    How the f#$% has Nagy had a winning record?!!
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    Justin Fields in High School with Cam Newton

    Justin is starting and Cam is not, but he would be a great backup
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    Andy Supports Justin Field's

    I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, but he handled himself pretty well, despite the loss, and he seems to have improved since last year too. He threw 4 TD and ran in another against Washington in the Preseason (again I know it is only the preseason) but if Huntley was backing up...
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    Attention Whoring: Attn Justin Fields sack riders.

    Yes Black Rainbow, I need some space.....
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    Best Offensive Move Bears Can Make

    Um you are excused......
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    Cole Kmet On Fields getting the start

    Kmet and Justin had some pretty good chemistry in the Preseason, so I hope he will have some more targets.
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    Best Offensive Move Bears Can Make

    He is not getting a shot before Lazor or Flip, he is only a Offensive analyst/special projects coach. Not exactly the next man up....
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    Robert Quinn

    Really hope it continues, it makes the defense completely different if he is getting pressure.
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    Andy Supports Justin Field's

    The Ravens have Tyler Huntley as the backup to Lamar, and in the Preseason (yeah I know it is only preseason), but that guy looked so much like Lamar that they will not skip a beat scheme wise if he has to come in. I agree that while Dalton is obviously a great team mate (has always been his...
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    I have no idea how well or how poorly Rookie QB will play on Sunday..

    Hope you are right, and he comes out at the end of the year looking like the best rookie QB of them all.... I too am glad he has confidence, because if you are going to be good, it is a requirement...
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    Josh Woods poached off practice squad.

    We have Jones and they have Woods, not sure either team is better because of it.
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    Cole Kmet On Fields getting the start

    I have in the past given Nagy credit for developing plays that scheme his players open. However to answer your question...if he can: 1. Exploit a defenses weakness, and keep doing it until they adjust - He moves away from things that are working so quick that it does not force a defense to...
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    D-line vs Chubb and Hunt

    It is not an issue for them if Nagy calls plays that do not take advantage of his mobility. Again, not confident in Nagy's play calling