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    One re-org idea i havent heard discussed

    So essentially, fuckup, moveup..... I think Pace gets another shot at QB as GM....
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    Mitch; Fools; Bray?....irrelevant; its the return of the Giraffe

    Wasn't there some good buzz going around Minshew last year? I don't follow Jacksonville, but I though there was something called Menshew Mania....
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    HC Candidate: Arthur Smith, Titans OC

    How sacrilegious is OC that makes adjustments to avoid the defenses strength.......Forget that guy ;)
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    Anthony Adams advice for bears offense

    Honestly, you saw a lot of what he was describing in the first half of the Game against the Vikes, and then the just stopped doing it. They got stuffed on a couple of plays with CP and Nall, and immediately panicked and went to the pitch plays and WR screens. CP is not a RB (even though he...
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    Can this OL be "fixed" in one offseason?

    I do like the idea of getting a Center, then Whitehair and Daniels can play Guard HOWEVER, Skura was always a stop gap at Center for the Ravens, and he has been benched due to poor snaps and blocking. Whitehair is a better, and Center might just be more important than LT, because if you get a...
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    I hope Bray starts

    What would be hilarious is if Bray came in and beat the Packers.......
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    Offensive line

    This is the root of the problem last year too, and the reality is that a pass calls for a different technique than a run, and in a RPO, they really can not be aggressive with either one of them, so they look bad at both. But in the First half of the Vikes game they were firing off the ball and...
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    I don't think Bray is here instead of a rookie, I think he is here because Chase Daniel is not. Bray was not better than Daniel, and I think if he plays then we will likely see a lot of picks and bad throws, so maybe he would be what is best for the team, we could lose out. Bray does however...
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    MN's defensive performance against Dallas shows how bad the Bear's offense is

    I don't think Nagy gets fired during the season, but I could see a blowout by the Packers as a final straw to make the decision.
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    If I'm Mitchs agent I tell him to not play

    I'm not sure it is going to matter what QB goes out there, but at this point, I think I would like to see Mitch finish the year. I was 100% behind Foles getting the start, but he is not going to be successful behind that oline, he just does not have the mobility.
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    Justin Fields

    Right now there are 16 teams with 4 or fewer wins. Even if we manage to lose every game, it is going to take some serious trading to get into the top 10 to have a shot at Fields or Lance. I would not be upset, but the reality is we would likely be better off seeing who is available when we pick.
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    Trevathan has been better of late but check this out.

    DT has had injury issues and NK, was starting to figure it out against the Pass, but was always stout against the run... Kwik, Shaheen, Burton, Floyd are all doing better else where....and that happens sometimes, but it seems like this year Pace/Nagy made some moves to try and improve things...
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    This was inevitable

    I really wanted Foles to work out, but it is becoming painfully obvious that he does not have the mobility to be effective behind this oline. If we want some entertainment, maybe we should let Bray start against the Packers. The reality is we are not going to beat them with any of our QBs, so...
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    This was inevitable

    I nominate you for Post of the Year, well said sir!!!
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    Shame on Ryan Pace for this mess. Bad Coach. Weak Roster. No Cap room and limited Draft Picks.

    Yeah I get it, he is hired to make the Bears better, and the HCs that he hired did not make the most of the talent that he drafted, so it still lands in his lap.... I was just trying to point out that he identified NFL starting level talent in a couple of those situations...