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    Say Bears are sitting at #3 pick next season...

    Id trade the pick with our 2024 1st rd pick to Pittsburgh for Trubisky.
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    All things being even Justin Fields is still bad

    All things being even you and everyone else bagging on JF is a fucking idiot. The kid is surrounded by utter garbage. Sure he misses a throw or an open guy here and there but all qbs do but the lack of separation, shit oline and the dropping of passes is too much even for a veteran qb. Until...
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    Fields was better today

    I dont want to hear shit about JF. He is surrounded by fucking GARBAGE!!! Im just hoping he doesnt suffer a serious injury.
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    Are we all bad people?

    The same assholes calling out the NFL have no problem sending 18 year olds off to fight wars based on corporate interest and when said 18 year old comes back home all fucked up they say "thanks for your service" hand him off to his family and say "hes your problem now". YOu play football you...
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    Up Next: NY Midgets

    Its little people. M word is insanely offensive.
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    Rihanna to perform at Superbowl

    Yeah but Katy has much better chesticles.
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    David Montgomery

    Ok. But my point still stands.
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    Rihanna to perform at Superbowl

    Im a Dre and Co. fan but tbh i saw maybe 5 minutes. Just not my thing.
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    Film Study: Chicago Bears Offensive Line DOMINATED vs Texans

    Thats a misleading stat. He can run so he naturally creates more time to throw.
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    David Montgomery

    Herbert just cost Monty a whole lot of money.
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    WR's the Bears could trade for

    Isnt T.O. available and still pretty fast? 🤣
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    Rihanna to perform at Superbowl

    Ok boomer. Who the fuck listens to any of those red neck assholes outside of rednecks? Metallica and Radiohead would never do it because its basically a 15 min Pepsi advertisement. Lol!
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    Rihanna to perform at Superbowl

    This is the only response that should come from any real MAN . I could not care less about the half time show. Thats usally the time i use to take a shit and restock on drinks and food.
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    Do you give Fields entire year if he does not improve?

    14 more weeks left this season. Too early to tell diffinitive one way or the other. Lets see what happens. So far he has not been good. I expected him to struggle a bit in the first 3 to 4 games but for it to start clicking by about week 5 or 6 but i must admit hes been worse than i thought he...
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    [Infante] Justin Fields missing wide open WR's *Video*

    Im not worried about the open receiver up the sideline what worries me is how slow Fields looked on this play. No one is mentioning how quickly Kmet came open and Fields still hadnt thrown the ball and thats the guy he was going to the whole time. Fields shouldve faked the hand off quicker...