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  • dude hurry up and make your pick, lol. Just don't take a certain TE ;)
    You're up in the dynasty draft. Hope you weren't planning on taking matt ryan :troll:
    I seen that :hi5:

    If you're ever down for a good ass-kicking on Madden :beartroll:
    Draft Nerds indeed :lol:

    I'm catching some flack from the other mods on the site for starting it this early...if we discuss the draft in there, though, I think most the draft talk will stay in there...which is the ultimate goal...organized chaos? :lol:
    Sweet. I've pinned a 2013 Bears Draft Database / Draft Discussion thread in the Bears forum...We'll take our time w/ it, as there just aren't changes very often right now....but if you see a mock draft that appears to be reputable, post it in there...try to use the same format I did in the OP...we'll knock it out :hi5:
    Same here. I get a LOT of my info from Walter Football, DrafTek, Football's Future, etc...

    Anyway - I was considering starting the 2013 draft thread ridiculously early this And I ALWAYS need help updating all the sites. Would you have some interest?

    Essentially, on occasion I'd need/ask you to update the sites using the same formatting I use so I can copy/paste it into the opening post. It would be extremely sporadic until February most likely, and even then would be once/week at best until April...when it really kicks in high gear.

    Have any interest in helping me in the endeavor?
    So - you like the NFL draft? Did you see my 2012 Bears Mock Draft Database?
    Fair enough. He often times does have really good points...but like a lot of us on here, he's really friggin' stubborn, too.
    just quit responding to him. even if you're completely in the right, he won't stop.
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