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    2023 QB draft class is stacked

    It's odd how you trade down this year's picks for higher picks next year when next year's draft class is always better than this year's.
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    Which Bear have you hated more than any other?

    I can't say any players have earned hate. Rex Grossman but that's only because he reminded me of a former boss so that's not a rational hate he earned. I guess Cedric Benson, he was a dick, screwed the team and then screwed them again, and he wasn't good. Now Nagy, he would be tops in coaches.
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    Justin Fields had a rough practice at Wednesday’s OTA

    If only there was a way to predict the offense and QB would look bad. If only it was possible in the NFL to get a better offense. I know, let's put all our talent on defense and wish really hard that our new coaches can train a good offense just like we have for decades before. It's gotta work...
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    Justin Fields had the NFL’s highest passer rating in this category in 2021

    Why would Pace and Nagy draft Fields if Nagy wasn't willing to call plays for Fields? I think we know the whys. Same reason Nagy came here loving Trubisky, was able to win with Trubisky, then he wasn't, then he was, then he wasn't, then he hated Trubisky, then he had always hated Trubisky. Nagy...
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    Will Justin Fields play well enough to prevent Bears from drafting from replacement?

    I think more are starting to realize the QB can't do it alone. I expect Fields will take the blame if he can't like many before. If you think about it, he's not Poles' pick. He could end up gone or backup for no other reason.
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    Debate Time Allen Robinson & Bears Future.

    Is that the probably 5th round worthy WR we drafted in the 3rd? 3rd worthy would be enough of a risk to never see the field. We'd better have some magical coaches. If we do maybe we could get some of the former preseason goat WRs who were rarely played with Nagy.
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    Will Justin Fields play well enough to prevent Bears from drafting from replacement?

    Will the next 2 year's drafts be trading down for future 1sts to guarantee needing a replacement? When you're as bad as the Browns it would make sense to do what they did to get out of it.
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    Debate Time Allen Robinson & Bears Future.

    You won't see me saying we've gone to shit without AR. I've always said he was not a great one, he was a good one. On the Bears he was billed as a great one and he wanted to cash that in. He had to go, he wanted too much for what he was. We were shit, we likely still are shit because we've done...
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    Jay Cutler sleeping with friends wife

    That's the first time you've said it in a way I can agree with. He likely didn't have to do it. Otherwise I always put more blame on the person who actually took the vow. There's probably a lot more details that could sway opinions either way. Maybe she cut off her husband's finger and that's...
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    Cohen Hurt Again

    Maybe it's not the universe but the large football players who seemed to take offense that a small guy could burn them and made him pay when they caught him. Meanwhile the refs usually did nothing.
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    Ryan Poles emphasizes Chicago Bears will help Justin Fields “succeed”

    Historically. You know, the whole reason Bears fans can't accept the fact that rules have changed.
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    Ryan Poles emphasizes Chicago Bears will help Justin Fields “succeed”

    If they were highly talented they'd likely be gone by the 3rd. I don't care to hear your excuses or rationalizations about how some 7th rounder somewhere was a great. If that's the case then I guess we need to stop having BPA magically always be defense. Get your defensive BPA in the 7th. We're...
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    Ryan Poles emphasizes Chicago Bears will help Justin Fields “succeed”

    True fans don't give their time, money or excuses to a team or enable them to be this bad. True fans want their team to win. Obviously what the Bears are doing doesn't work so true fans want the team's plan to change into what works for many other teams. You're not just excusing a losing team...