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    In this video it appears that David Montgomery is looking a lot faster than he looked in games last season, but without pads on who knows?

    Yup, wasn't working on his speed, but testing if he could actually wear his cellphone while running in game. Think he found the answer.
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    IST: Cubs at Pirates

    Can the Cubs play the Pirates the rest of the season?
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    Anthony Miller traded soon?

    From what I've seen, moving Leno is pretty damn easy.
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    So who is the Bears’ starting slot corner for 2021?

    Are we talking nominations from CCS? Cause a few of the posters here are very dodgy, slippery and fast. Can cover their tracks rather quickly.
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    Fergie Jenkins getting a statue at Wrigley

    Yes, overdue! OT: Reminded me of catching a fastball industrial league group in Chattanooga... The starting pitcher threw in the high 80's underhand. One of the off speed pitchers was a retired pastor, was missing his middle finger and ring finger on his pitching hand. That ole geezer threw...
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    Anthony Miller traded soon?

    I guess this is what happens when you don't put a pitching machine in the hallway of your apartment complex.
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    Does 7 - 10 save Pace/Nagy jobs?

    Heh, I've been watching the Bears since the 60's... I've yet to see a "franchise" QB.
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    Jeremiah mock draft 3.0

    One would hope.
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    The forgotten Riley Ridley

    Looks as if we aren't seeing something about the kid that is obvious in practice. What that might be? No clue. Perhaps he yells at the coaches? >shrugs< No clue why he can't outshine a Miller or a Wims. The Wims I can sort of get, he's the best blocking WR on the team, especially given...
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    David Montgomery

    Well, in fairness, Montgomery had reached his quota on that first play.
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    Nagy to call plays

    I can't wait for the every 3rd play the infamous WR bubble Screen using Tarik Cohen and Mooney to do the blocking for a TE.
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    Nagy to call plays

    Welp... I suppose if you're about to be fired, may as well go down calling your own plays. But... Damn.
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    164, 204, 208, 221, 228

    5... Bing in 5 Quarterbacks... Take a shot!
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    My brother just flew jimmy graham around in a b-17

    Did the wheels drop off on take off?
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    What realistic pick will shore up the LT spot?

    I would settle for either one handling RT duties to start.